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The following timeline attempts to lay out the order of significant events in the history of Ispar.

There have been significant changes in the continuity of the history of Ispar. The following articles attempt to work out these issues:

This timeline takes these articles into account when calculating dates of events on Ispar.


  • If an entry has no source listed at the end of the line, its source is the next one listed.
  • Roulean Calendar is abbreviated as RC.
  • Portal Year is abbreviated as PY.
  • Dates in normal text are confirmed.
  • Dates in italics are a best estimate based on the available information.
  • Entries with no date are placed where they are only as a best estimate based on the available information, and may have occured at another time.
  • When further clarification for the placement of an event is needed, the maintainer(s) of the timeline will place an editor's note.


Portal Year Roulean Year Event
-3514 PY -1059 RC Roulea

The Treatises of Archephoros, an ancient Roulean text, is said to be written around this time.[1]

[Editor's Note: When Amul ibn Rakhil spoke to the newly forming Zharalim, he said this text is "perhaps two thousand years" old. Our best estimate for when that statement was made is the year 941.]

-1926 PY 0 RC Roulea

Roulea marks the beginning of its calendar with the founding of the capital by offspring of the gods.[2]

Aluvia, Viamont

Long after the Rouleans had brought imperial order to the lands around the Ironsea, the tribes that would become the nations of Viamont and Aluvia remain chaotic and disorganized.[3]

-1490 PY 291 RC Sho

Ryu Jou Gai, the Order of the Dragon Temple, is founded.[4]

[Editor's Note: This is merely an approximation, based on the faction being founded "over a thousand years ago" at the time of release.]

-1441 PY 324 RC Sho

The prophet Jojii receives revelations from the Unicorn of Grace on how to reach Paradise. Jojii begins to teach of four primary precepts, called the Four Stones: Humility, Discipline, Detachment and Compassion. This new religion comes to be called Jojiism.[5][6]

-896 PY 687 RC Aluvia

Reign of Pwyll II begins.[7]

-874 PY 701 RC Aluvia

The Yalaini open the first portal to Ispar. It goes to Aluvian lands.[8]

-869 PY 704 RC Aluvia, Viamont

This known as the Year of the Comet[7] Aluvian scholars refer to the comet as the harbinger of the Grand Armada of Viamont.[9]

Viamont invades Aluvia,[7][9][8]

On the 4th of Solclaim the defending forces of Aluvia is defeated at the Plain of Ayrifal. High King Pwyll II is slain, marking the end of his reign in Aluvia. All the sons and male cousins of the High King are slain in battle at his side.[7][9]

-869 PY 704 RC Aluvia

Reign of Alfric begins.[7] Aluvians refer to him as the Overlord of Viamont, as well as Viamont Royal Governor.[7][9]

Immediately after his victory, Alfric rounds up and executes all that remain of Pwyll II's bloodline, fearing a descendant who could unite the Aluvians and challenge his own offspring for the throne. This is done in secret, and neither Theolaud nor Alfrega would later have knowledge of this.[9]

-861 to
-854 PY
710 to
715 RC

The traditional highland fortress of the Aluvian Kings, Thrushhaven, is deemed too old and remote for Alfric's purposes, so he establishes a castle in Celdon. It is constructed on an island on the Canfeld River in the center of Celdon. The island marketplace is razed, and construction begins on a magnificent, airy white marble palace in the Viamontian style, known simply as the Tower of Alfric.[9]

[Editor's Note: This is merely an approximation, based on the tower being under construction for "some 50 years" at the time Alfrega reigns.]

-824 PY 735 RC Aluvia

Reign of Alfric ends.[7]

-824 PY 735 RC Aluvia

Reign of Theolaud, son of Alfric, begins.[7]

-779 PY 765 RC Aluvia

Reign of Theolaud Ends. The details of his death are unclear. Some claim assassination, others claim he died in a "king's Duel" against King Elous VIII of Viamont.[7][9]

-779 PY 765 RC Aluvia

Reign of Alfrega, daughter of Theolaud, begins. Aluvian scholars refer to her as Alfrega the Mad.[7][9][8]


Alfrega blames the Aluvian peasantry for the death of her father.

The publication of Sanxeth of Celdon's voluminous work of philosophy, The Common-Wealth, also increases Alfrega's suspicions. This hefty tome repudiates the notion of monarchy, and calls for the peasantry to unite in communities run by group consensus. Sanxeth's anarchic principles are vigorously opposed in all civilized lands.

Each week, suspected spies are publicly put to death as a warning to all who would oppose Alfrega.

Alfrega spends a great deal of time trying to wipe out the remnants of the Orts, fearing that some legitimate descendant of Pwyll II might be hidden among them.

Alfrega enlarges her household army to an unprecedented size. Mercenaries flock to Aluvia from as far as the peaks of distant Silvera, and become the scourge of the peasantry. Homes are burnt, land was salted, and dozens are executed in hideous fashion.[9]


During her reign, Alfrega marries Kirne, a royal son of Milantos. While she takes a husband and bears heirs, Alfrega maintains sole control over Aluvia.[9]

-770 PY 771 RC Aluvia

Public resistance of the Orts begins.

A farmer, Dunol, and his three children are to be executed on a Leafcull morning. The previous night, Harlune of Feirgard had smuggled out Dunol's three children. Harlune had to rest and was not able to save Dunol. On the day of the execution, the crowd had expected four executions but witness only that of Dunol. As Dunol lay dying, a cry comes out from the balcony on the Tower of Alfric where Alfrega witnesses executions. There is a struggle with an assailant, who leaps off the balcony after guards come to the defense of the Queen. The assailant, Harlune, lands on execution platform, where the remains of Dunol lay strewn about, throws back his hood and proclaims, "The time has come for the Mad Queen to be thrown down!" then disappears into the crowd.

After Harlune's act in Celdon, the elder warrior Hendac Tharesun, the firstborn of Pwyll II's seneschal and effective leader of the Orts for several years, seeks out Harlune and becomes his mentor. The two travel throughout Aluvia finding those who mutter quietly against the Throne, urging them to go into hiding in the Luparvium Mountains. Many do, establishing camps there.[9]

-768 PY 772 RC Aluvia

Tharesun and Harlune seek out the hidden camps of Orts. The castle of Holdfast is established at one of those camps.[9]

-758 PY 779 RC Aluvia

Colrim, an agent of the Orts, betrays the group while rescuing prisoners from the Tower of Alfric.

On the 23rd of Wintersebb, mercenary soldiers of Queen Alfrega descend upon the safe havens of the Orts in all quarters of Celdon. 83 are seized and brought into the courtyard of the Tower. They are all slain. The body of Colrim is later found, his throat slashed by a dagger of exquisite craftsmanship. The Rose of Celdon is lost on this day.[9]


Harlune and Urbex the Venerable enchant a rosequartz ring Harlune had taken from the body of Dunol. It is named the Rose of Celdon. The ring is used by many agents of the Orts.

-758 PY 779 RC Aluvia

Reign of Alfrega ends. Her death is due to accidental poisoning after eating improperly prepared Tian fish.[7][9]

-758 PY 779 RC Aluvia

Reign of Osric, son of Alfrega, begins.[7][8] Aluvian scholars refer to him as Osric the Wise.[10][7][9]

Though a Viamontian by birth, Osric dedicates his reign to mending his divided country. He makes peace with the rebellious nobles, lowers taxes, and even names his son after an Aluvian saint, Pwyll.[10]

-734 PY 795 RC Sho

The Tanada clan of the Nanjou Shou-Jen arises in the midst of a minor territorial war between the warlords Fansin Hanu and Kosu Jainan[11]

-711 PY 810 RC Aluvia

Reign on Osric ends.[7]

-711 PY 810 RC Aluvia

Reign of Pwyll III, son of Osric, begins.[7]

Under the reign of High King Pwyll III, Aluvia prospers. Pwyll III establishes the Code of Pwyll, a system of honor and chivalry which dictates the conduct of both lords and knights.[10]

-674 PY 835 RC Aluvia

Reign of Pwyll III ends.[7] Pwyll III is slain by an ambassador from Viamont on the eve of war between the two nations. Aluvia's knights and commoners alike fall upon the Viamontians and destroy them.[10]

-674 PY 835 RC Aluvia

Reign of Cellric II begins.[7]

Gharu'n, Roulea

The Gharu'ndim, led by Malik Rakhil al-Khur and the warrior-poet Yasif ibn Salayyar, head north out of the Naqut desert and assault the ancient empire of Roulea, conquering half its lands.[12]

-542 PY 923 RC Gharu'n

One of the five Crimson Stars, the al-Ghul, is renamed al-Khur in honor of Rakhil al-Khur after the great victory won at the salt mines to the east of Tirethas. [13]

-540 PY 924 RC Gharu'n, Roulea

Gharu'n armies seige the Roulean capital of Tirethas.[14]

Rakhil makes the mistake of threatening to burn the books within her walls, and Yasif strikes him down in rage. With that, the conquest of Roulea ends and the nation of Gharu'n is born. Rakhil al-Khur's son, Amul ibn Rakhil becomes the new Malik and Yasif becomes his adviser.[12]


After the founding of Gharu'n many of the other realms about the Ironsea have not recognized their sovereignty, so Yasif travels to the other nations, including Aluvia, Viamont, Roulea, Silvera to win the respect of neighboring rulers - All except Milantos, who refuses again and again Yasif's petitions to travel to their nation and hold parley with Arpad, their king.[1]

-517 PY 939 RC Gharu'n, Milantos

King Arpad of Milantos dies. Without a son or any living male relatives, his advisor Laszko becomes king. Yasif sends another request to the new king, and to to his surprise, Laszko agrees. Yasif travels to the port of Mawwuz and sails to Milantos.

Yasif has been gone for six months, two more than expected. Worry begins to grow in Gharu'n.

Yasif has been gone for seven months. Soldiers begin to gather at the Malik's palace, readying for an invasion of Milantos. Malik Amul receives a letter from King Laszko, threatening to kill Yasif if Gharu'n invades. The letter contains the severed finger of the poet. Amul disbands the army.[1]

-514 PY 941 RC Gharu'n, Milantos

Yasif has been gone for two years. Malik Amul has sent missives to Milantos demanding King Laszko for the return of his emissary, asking what Laszko wishes as ransom, and pleading for a reason why Yasif has been taken, all without response. Finally, a second letter is sent from Milantos. It is blank, and contains a second finger of Yasif.

Soon after, young men and women from the al-Nafalt begin to disappear. Mansur al-Rajan is among them. Mansur is taken to a hidden mountain fortress, where he and 49 others are held for 30 days. Malik Amul arrives and addresses them on why they have been taken. Thus marks the formation of the secret organization known as the Shagar Zharala, the Walkers in Shade.[1]

-510 PY 944 RC Gharu'n, Milantos

The 50 train for three years in the mountain fortess. At the end, 36 of the 50 become the first Zharalim. Twelve of the best Zharalim return with the Malik to the al-Nafalt.

One week before the Zharalim are to be sent out to rescue the poet, Yasif returns to the palace. He had been freed by his jailer. During his imprisonment in Milantos, Laszko had used Yasif for dark rituals, and Yasif had lost his eyes along with all digits on his left hand. Yasif requests that Mansur remain at the al-Nafalt as his guide.

The other eleven Zharalim are sent to Milantos. They kill Laszko, but all perish before they can return to Gharu'n.[1]

-440 PY 991 RC Sho

Chiran Jishui Dan, the Ranks of the Unicorn’s Battle, splits from the Chiran Jou Gai[4]

-438 PY 992 RC Gharu'n

Ladriya bint Daum is born.[13]

-423 PY 1002 RC Gharu'n

Yasif ibn Salayyar dies. Gharu'n mourns for one full year.[12]

-422 PY 1003 RC Gharu'n

Soon after the death of Yasif ibn Salayyar, Amul ibn Rakhil also dies, heirless, poisoned at his own birthday celebration. Gharu’n falls into chaos.[12]

Century of Storms begins. During this time of chaos in Gharu'n no fewer than twenty-five different would-be Maliks and Malikas will rule the Gharu'ndim people.[13][12]

-419 PY 1005 RC Gharu'n

The Gharu'ndim group known as Walim, The Searchers, appear a few years after the death of Yasif, vowing to continue his explorations of the nature of truth.[15]


Tu'azar ibn Amul is the Malik. Mansur al-Rajan serves as his vizier.[1]

-399 PY 1018 RC Gharu'n

After some 15 years of chaos in Gharu'n, Ladriya bint Daum decides to leave Tirethas and return to her home in Taban.

Halfway through her journey, Ladriya's caravan is attacked at night by band of nomads sent by the renegade Shayk Ridqidh. Ladriya is wounded badly but is saved by Tamsah ibn Jaidah, who carries her away on his stallion.

After riding for six days, Tamsah and Ladriya the oasis of Shiryaz. They stay there for almost two months while Ladriya recovers.

On 6th of Solclaim, 1018 RC, Tamsah and Ladriya return to the court of Taban at Nishadina.

Ladriya orders the forging of the Silifi of Crimson Stars, to be wielded by Tamsah. Ladriya goes on to be become Malika.[13]

-393 PY 1022 RC Gharu'n

20 years after the death of Yasif ibn Salayyar, Mansur al-Rajan recounts his experiences which are recorded in the historical text The Nights of al-Nafalt.[1]

-358 PY 1046 RC Sho

Emperor Kou unites the Sho under his rule.[14] Iiwah he takes by force, invading with a massive fleet; Chiran-Tou he takes by peace, marrying the daughter of its ruler and moving his throne there.[5]

Gharu'n, Viamont

Near the end of the Century of Storms, Viamont sends armies to Gharu'n to invade. The Viamontians install Zahir ibn Ma'mun as a puppet leader, while they rule Gharu'n from afar.[12]

Gharu'n, Viamont

During his rule, Zahir ibn Ma'mun murdered all his rivals, except for a young lord named Jawhar al-Shamshir.

Seeing what has become of his homeland, Jawhar travels the desert in secret, banding together the people.[12]

-272 PY 1103 RC Gharu'n

Jawhar defeats Zahir ibn Ma'mun and drives the Viamontians from the shores of Gharu'n. He becomes the new Malik, and returns Gharu'n to the glory it had known in Yasif's time.[12]

Century of Storms ends.[13][12]


Empress Kou-an, great granddaughter of the Emperor Kou, ascends to the Throne of the Sho Empire at age fifteen.[16]

[Editor's Note: With very little to go on, we can simply place this between the reign of Kou and the entry for 1274 RC. This event occurs, perhaps, around 1100 to 1150 RC]

-30 PY 1264 RC Aluvia

Reign of Cedraic III begins.[7]

-15 PY 1274 RC Sho

The Sho still enjoy the stability brought by the Kou Dynasty. Meanwhile, trade has begun in earnest with the Gharu’ndim and the Milantos, the two nearest kingdoms, and the Sho are growing increasingly aware of the vast lands beyond their borders.[5]

-15 PY 1274 RC Aluvia

Cedraic opens up trade with nations across the sea including the Gharu’ndim and the Sho and with that trade comes prosperity. To the west, however, Viamont bides: it will only be a matter of time before war returns to the land.[10]

-15 PY 1274 RC Gharu'n

The Malika Qadira bint Balj reigns in Gharu'n. There is always the threat of war, from both Viamont and Milantos, but the desert kingdom is once again a place where the sharpness of a man's mind is far more valuable than that of his sword.[12]

-15 PY 1274 RC Aluvia

The portals created by the Sundering begin to appear on Ispar in the Aluvian lands, and the first humans begin to arrive on Dereth.[14]

-15 PY 1274 RC All Nations

The appearance of the portals in Aluvia has disrupted all of Ispar. No one knows what they are or why they have appeared. The people of Ispar are afraid, and the Viamontians take advantage of this situation.[17]

-15 PY 1274 RC Aluvia, Roulea, Viamont

King Varicci di Corcosi reigns in Viamont.

Viamont invades Aluvia and Roulea. After early victories in Aluvia, the Aluvians put up a resistance, and the war falls into a stalemate. The Duke Bellenesse leads the invasion of Roulea. The Roulean Empire collapses, its imperial army annihilated and its Emperor killed in his palace by Bellenesse. The Viamontian army presses on to Gharu'n.[3]

-12 PY 1276 RC Gharu'n, Viamont

Within two years, after a siege by sea and by land, the Viamontians take Tirethas. Viamontian army marches east along the northern edge of the Naqut pushing back the Gharu'ndim army. Gharu'ndim resistance solidifies around the city of Shiryaz. Viamontians are fought to a standstill there, and Shiryaz remains free.[3]

-5 PY 1281 RC Viamont

King Varicci di Corcosi holds a tournament in honor of the 14th birthday of Eleonora du Bellenesse, duaghter of Duke Bellenesse. The tournament is held at Lord Marden's estate.

In the final fight of the tourney, Prince Renlen, son of Varicci, brutally kills Darren Marden, son of Lord Marden. The crowd is horrified, and the knights of Bellenesse ready themselves to fight. The Royal Guard move into the pit, forming a circle around the prince. The King makes his way to his Knights, followed by the elder prince, Varicci di Corcosi II. The Royal Guard encircle the King and his sons and escorted them out of the pit, barely averting a civil war.[18]

-3 PY 1282 RC Viamont

Another tournaments is held on the anniversary of the death of Darren Marden. Prince Renlen makes a great show of expressing his regret at the outcome of the duel one year prior, but throughout his speech, he never actually apologizes for the murder of Darren.[19]

-2 PY 1283 RC Gharu'n, Viamont

Talal ibn Qamuz of Nishadina is caught smuggling Old Roulean texts, saved from Tirethas, to sell to the Viamontians. The Malika of Gharu'n uses this situation to her advantage, and orders Talal to Viamont, with 1000 copies of the the Roulean text The Treatise of the Individual. He is sent to Viamont to peddle these copies to his Viamontian clients of nobility, including Countess Lotila, Count Renari, and Duke Bellenesse. As punishment for his crime, he is forever banished from Gharu'n.[20]

0 PY 1284 RC Gharu'n, Sho

Portals to Dereth begin to appear in Gharu'n and Sho.[14]

3 PY 1286 RC Viamont

Lord Marden announces that he will hold a tournament in honor of the fall of Lizistan. He invites knights from all the duchies of Viamont.

The Duke Bellenesse orders his knights to decline the invitation. Carlo di Cenza, squire of Sir Bellas, notices that the Duke has been acting strangely for several months now. The Duke has been rejecting being treated like a noble, and has distanced himself from the rest of Viamontian nobility. Carlo suspects the Old Roulean texts that have been in the Duke's fortress for the past few years.

In secret, Eleonora, Sir Bellas, and Carlo attend the tourney.[19]

Eleonora, disguised under her armor, enters the tournament. Eleonora wins the tourney, defeating the final opponent and nephew of King Varicci, Count Corcima. As has been tradition for five years now (since the tournament where Darren was killed), the victor has one final duel with one of the princes of Viamont, which they always lose. Eleonora duels prince Renlen and kills him.

Eleonora, Sir Bellas, and Carlo escape the area and begin to head back to the duchy of Bellenesse. At this point, Carlo recounts the events in his journal. He is sure these actions will lead to civil war.[21]

Meanwhile, a failed assassination attempt is carried out against King Varicci. The assassin escapes the royal palace. The royal guard track the assassin to a village in the Aluvian territories held by Viamont. The captain of the guard believes the assassin escaped through one of the mysterious portals. Prince Varicci believes that the assassin, Oswald, was hired by Duke Bellenesse.

With the blessing of his father, Prince Varicci begins a campaign to exterminate the house of Bellenesse.[22]

3 PY 1286 RC Gharu'n, Viamont

The Viamontian army camped outside Shiryaz is recalled back to Viamont, to deal with a crisis in their homeland.[3]

8 PY 1289 RC Viamont

The royal army of Viamont, lead by prince Varicci di Corcosi II, enter the lands of Bellenesse and lay siege to the Duke's fortress. The rebels, lead by Eleonora du Bellenesse and the Duke of Bellenesse, flee through a mysterious portal. Varicci and his army follow them.[3][23]

16 PY 1295 RC Aluvia, Gharu'n, Sho, Viamont

The last remnants of Bellenesse's rebellion have been all but eradicated. The followers of Bellenesse had distracted King Varicci from his campaigns elsewhere on Ispar, but with the rebellion defeated, Varicci once again turns his attention to the other lands of Ispar.[24]

The war between Aluvia and Viamont continues. Aluvia holds their western borders, and both sides have taken heavy losses, but the tides seem to be turning in favor of Viamont.[25]

The war between Gharu'n and Viamont continues as well. The Gharu'ndim believe their nation only continues to exist because King Varicci has not yet chosen to press his attack.[26]

The Sho worry what will happen to them should the Viamontians conquer Gharu'n completely.[27]


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