Solclaim, 18 PY

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Prodigal Sons

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The plans of the drudges became a reality. They contructed a huge fort from the stolen supplies from Cragstone. Underneath this fort was a vast web of tunnels leading to the throne room of Bonecrunch. It was revealed that the drudge leader was the very same drudge that Aerbax had abducted from Holtburg.

The mosswarts in their new village turned violent. Guard Hrothgar, who had lead the investigation in both the mosswarts the previous month and the missing people before that, stationed his troops in the town of Kryst to defend it from the impending mosswart assault.

Adventurers launched a strike against the mosswarts and learned the new mosswart leader, Bragara the Chosen One, was yet another pawn of Aerbax.

The crisis with the banderlings of the direlands continued as Isparians explored the newly discovered virindi lair not far from Harraag's cave. There they discovered this dungeon was used as an observation point to watch the experiment that was Harraag.