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November 2002 - Announcements Page

Game Changes

  • The Tusker island of Aphus Lassel has been discovered.
  • Skills can now be untrained and specialised post-creation at the respective Empyrean temples. See the Attribute and Skill Redistribution quest page for details.
  • Loot no longer appears on the floor when a corpse decays. Monster corpses now remain for five minutes—a much longer period than they currently do—but when they decay, any unclaimed loot that remains on the corpse will also decay.

User Interface Updates

  • A "Do you accept?" dialog box has been added for those receiving fellowship requests.
Fellowship Request Confirmation Box Live.jpg

New Quests

Updated Quests

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Olthoi Helm (Eviscerator) Icon.png Olthoi Helm (Eviscerator)

Chest Brown Icon.png Runed Chest

Tusker Island Shirt Icon.png Tusker Island Shirt

Banderling Mask Icon.png Banderling MaskMosswart Mask Icon.png Mosswart Mask

Tusker Title Token Icon.png Tusker Title Token

Refreshing Umbrella Drink Icon.png Refreshing Umbrella DrinkNanner Dough Icon.png Nanner DoughBunch of Nanners Icon.png Bunch of NannersMushed Nanners Icon.png Mushed NannersNanner Bread Icon.png Nanner BreadSliced Nanners Icon.png Sliced NannersNanner Chips Icon.png Nanner ChipsNanner Halves Icon.png Nanner HalvesNanner Split Icon.png Nanner SplitChocolate Covered Nanners Icon.png Chocolate Covered NannersNanners Covered in Chocolate Icon.png Nanners Covered in ChocolateNanners and Ice Cream Icon.png Nanners and Ice CreamNanner Cream Pie Icon.png Nanner Cream Pie

I survived the Tusker Emporium Icon.png I survived the Tusker EmporiumCarved Tusker Statue Icon.png Carved Tusker StatueRoyal Coat of Arms Flag Icon.png Royal Coat of Arms Flag

Tusker Shrine Statue Icon.png Tusker Shrine StatueGeneric Sign Icon.png Not too far to the Tusker Emporium!Guardian of the Temple of Enlightenment Icon.png Guardian of the Temple of EnlightenmentGuardian of the Temple of Forgetfulness Icon.png Guardian of the Temple of Forgetfulness

Aphus Lassel Portal Gem Icon.png Aphus Lassel Portal Gem

Female Tusker Tusk Icon.png Female Tusker TuskMale Tusker Tusk Icon.png Male Tusker TuskTusker Crimsonback Tusk Icon.png Tusker Crimsonback TuskGoldenback Tusker Tusk Icon.png Goldenback Tusker TuskTusker Redeemer Tusk Icon.png Tusker Redeemer TuskTusker Liberator Tusk Icon.png Tusker Liberator TuskTusker Slave Tusk Icon.png Tusker Slave TuskTusker Guard Tusk Icon.png Tusker Guard TuskSilver Tusker Tusk Icon.png Silver Tusker TuskArmored Tusker Tusk Icon.png Armored Tusker TuskRampager Tusk Icon.png Rampager TuskPlated Tusker Tusk Icon.png Plated Tusker TuskAssailer Tusk Icon.png Assailer TuskDevastator Tusk Icon.png Devastator TuskHarbinger Arm Token Icon.png Harbinger Arm Token

Royal Coat of Arms Stamp Icon.png Royal Coat of Arms Stamp

Alchemy Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Alchemy Gem of EnlightenmentArcane Lore Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Arcane Lore Gem of EnlightenmentAssess Creature Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Assess Creature Gem of EnlightenmentAssess Person Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Assess Person Gem of EnlightenmentAxe Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Axe Gem of EnlightenmentBow Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Bow Gem of EnlightenmentCooking Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Cooking Gem of EnlightenmentCreature Enchantment Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Creature Enchantment Gem of EnlightenmentCrossbow Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Crossbow Gem of EnlightenmentDagger Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Dagger Gem of EnlightenmentDeception Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Deception Gem of EnlightenmentFletching Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Fletching Gem of EnlightenmentHealing Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Healing Gem of EnlightenmentItem Enchantment Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Item Enchantment Gem of EnlightenmentJump Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Jump Gem of EnlightenmentLeadership Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Leadership Gem of EnlightenmentLockpick Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Lockpick Gem of EnlightenmentLoyalty Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Loyalty Gem of EnlightenmentLife Magic Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Life Magic Gem of EnlightenmentMace Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Mace Gem of EnlightenmentMagic Defense Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Magic Defense Gem of EnlightenmentMana Conversion Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Mana Conversion Gem of EnlightenmentMelee Defense Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Melee Defense Gem of EnlightenmentMissile Defense Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Missile Defense Gem of EnlightenmentRun Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Run Gem of EnlightenmentSpear Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Spear Gem of EnlightenmentStaff Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Staff Gem of EnlightenmentSword Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Sword Gem of EnlightenmentThrown Weapon Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Thrown Weapon Gem of EnlightenmentUnarmed Combat Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Unarmed Combat Gem of EnlightenmentWar Magic Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png War Magic Gem of EnlightenmentAlchemy Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Alchemy Gem of ForgetfulnessArcane Lore Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Arcane Lore Gem of ForgetfulnessArmor Tinkering Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Armor Tinkering Gem of ForgetfulnessAssess Creature Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Assess Creature Gem of ForgetfulnessAssess Person Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Assess Person Gem of ForgetfulnessAxe Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Axe Gem of ForgetfulnessBow Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Bow Gem of ForgetfulnessCooking Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Cooking Gem of ForgetfulnessCreature Enchantment Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Creature Enchantment Gem of ForgetfulnessCrossbow Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Crossbow Gem of ForgetfulnessDagger Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Dagger Gem of Forgetfulness

Scroll of Mount Lethe Recall Icon.png Scroll of Mount Lethe Recall

Text Icon Parchment.png The Empyrean TemplesText Icon Book.png The Temple of EnlightenmentText Icon Book.png The Temple of Forgetfulness

Banderling Head Icon.png Banderling HeadMosswart Head Icon.png Mosswart HeadEviscerator Head Icon.png Eviscerator Head

Updated Items

New Spells

New Creatures

Chittick Icon.png Chittick

Reedshark Icon.png Reedshark

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Tusker Icon.png Tusker

Undead Icon.png Undead

Virindi Icon.png Virindi

New Dialog

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "Did you hear about Marae Lassel? The olthoi are digging deeper!"

Town Crier tells you, "Those construction Golems in Arwic sure are slow and lazy! Of course, I wouldn't say that to their, uh, faces. Actually, forget I said that!"

Town Crier tells you, "My brother-in-law went to a new island and all I got was his corpse."

Town Crier tells you, "A word to the wise, be very careful when traveling through the Direlands. The tuskers have some new stone idols that they carry with them. They even worship them in front of virindi. What could this mean?"

Town Crier tells you, "Did you feel that earthquake, someone told me that it was the result of the slumbering Harbinger. How long will it sleep? How long can it sleep? What is it?"

Town Crier tells you, "I hear a new rumor has mysteriously appeared in certain outlying towns. How does a rumor just appear, anyway? You'd think the shopkeeper would notice a piece of paper appearing in his .. err .. inventory."

Town Crier tells you, "Tusker Temples... who would have ever thought they would start worshipping things and have worshippers themselves. Careful in there. I hear that if you pray to the statue something happens."

Town Crier tells you, "Reapers, Devastators, Annihilators.. what kind of place is that island?"

Town Crier tells you, "I'm afraid of anywhere where the tusker is king."

Town Crier tells you, "My cousin went to a new island and all I got was a t-shirt and a plaque and a toy tusker. So, I'm happy."

Town Crier tells you, "I've seen the little black carenzi's running around. They're fast, strong, and violent. I think that they earned their name."

Town Crier tells you, "Stay away from the really big Tusker. I hear that they are incredibly strong and brutal."

Town Crier tells you, "Who is this Bobo that the tuskers are talking about? Does he have something to do with that"

Town Crier tells you, "Marae Lassel seems to have gotten a little more savage."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

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