Verdantine, 18 PY

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Corrupted Sovereigns

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The paradox-touched Olthoi finally began to mature into full-grown adults, and with that the way to their Queen's lair was opened. Skilled hunters extracted scent glands from these adult olthoi to pass through the sealed door in the paradox-olthoi egg chambers. There, they were able to find their way to the Queen's chambers and kill, but not permanently destroy her.

Mudmouth, the tusker simulacrum and pawn of Aerbax, was banished from Oolutanga's lands when the tusker resistance was able to sneak the cure into Bobo's food and the king awoke. After a showdown with Isparians on the mainland, Mudmouth and his henchman Dark Bobo retreated to their secret lair on a remote island of Aphus Lassel.