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August 2009 - Announcements Page

Patch Size: 739k (Client: 4,480k)

Game Changes

  • The Ingame Map has been updated to show 3 new POIs: Moarsman City on Moarsman Isle and 2 POIs on Freebooter Isle
  • Statues have been added to the Society Strongholds that will teleport players to Moarsman City and Freebooter Isle.
  • Monster Fights and Carenzi Races are now started by players. A player can start one of these events once every 15 minutes, the events themselves can go off as frequently as once every 5 minutes.

New Quests

New Events

Updated Quests

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Apostate Excavation Laboratory Key Icon.png Apostate Excavation Laboratory Key

Master Statue of 'Freebooter Isle' Transport Icon.png Master Statue of 'Freebooter Isle' TransportMaster Statue of 'Moarsman City' Transport Icon.png Master Statue of 'Moarsman City' TransportPortalspace Rift Icon.png Portalspace Rift

Strange Stone Icon.png Strange StoneRift Opening Device Icon.png Rift Opening DeviceRift Closing Device Icon.png Rift Closing Device

Text Icon Scroll.png RecipeExcavation Master's Message Shard Icon.png Excavation Master's Message ShardText Icon Parchment.png Apostate Excavation Master's Orders

Updated Items

New Titles

New Creatures

Acid Elemental Icon.png Acid Elemental

Elemental Icon.png Elemental

Fire Elemental Icon.png Fire Elemental

Frost Elemental Icon.png Frost Elemental

Knathtead Icon.png Knathtead

Lightning Elemental Icon.png Lightning Elemental

Moarsman Icon.png Moarsman

Virindi Icon.png Virindi

Wisp Icon.png Wisp

New Dialog

Town Crier

Free Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "There's more activity with those bandit camps in the Sho lands. Speak to Carolyn in Baishi for more information."

Town Crier tells you, "Did you hear about that madman who tried to imprison a bunch of Moarsmen? Sounds like things are getting out of control on Freebooter Isle."

Town Crier tells you, "I don't even know what to make of that town of Mar'uun any more. One minute it's there, the next it's destroyed, then it's back again..."

Town Crier tells you, "News! The secret societies have made it easier to travel to Moarsman Island and Freebooter Isle."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Rand the Hunter has updated his creature bounties. Find him in Holtburg to see what he's marked this time."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you gone to see Sean the Speedy yet to hear about the next set of Explorers' Society map markers to find?"

Town Crier tells you, "Scouts report coming across a new Apostate Virindi excavation out in the Direlands."

Pyreal Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "Rand the Hunter has marked a new set of creatures for bounties. I have heard that he is paying special attention to those mysterious Ruschk this time. Find him in Holtburg if you feel up to the task."

Town Crier tells you, "So now the lost town of Mar'uun seems to have... reappeared. Obviously they are having some problems with portal stability. You may want to head out there and see if there is any way you can help."

Town Crier tells you, "The Arcanum is investigating a new facility that the Apostate Virindi have opened up in the northeastern Direlands. They seem to be digging up some ancient artifacts. Seek out Felizio Calmasi near the tavern in Cragstone for more information."

Town Crier tells you, "We have heard of some problems with an attempt to construct a prison camp to contain Moarsmen, over on Freebooter Isle. Speak with Gate Warden Kris on Freebooter Isle to learn more."

Town Crier tells you, "We have received reports that there are new developments afoot with the bandits threatening Lin and Baishi. Pieces of a puzzle are coming together, one might say. Seek out Carolyn in Baishi if you are interested."

Town Crier tells you, "All you map hounds are encouraged to see Sean the Speedy in Holtburg. He's marked the next ten Explorers' Society sites around Dereth for your exploration and amusement."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

Free Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I've heard that Rand has decided all his fellow hunting enthusiasts need to start whacking Ruschk now. I always knew that he secretly hated hunters..."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "There's word that the Apostate Virindi are digging up something new in the Direlands. Ha! Good luck to 'em! What can possibly be new and exciting in the Direlands?"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Well, sure, it's impressive that the secret societies installed direct paths to Moarsman Island and Freebooter Keep. But who in their right mind wants to go to those godforsaken hunks of rock? I'm a drunk old crank and even I know better."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Oh, looks like Carolyn Woron is sending people out on further wild goose chases. And I mean it, it's literally a wild goose. First one I've heard of since I've been on this benighted world. If you find it, bring it here. I find myself craving the taste of wild goose. And bacon, for that matter. Mmmm, bacon..."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So wait, now Mar'uun is back, and they need help again. Honestly, doesn't that whole town just seem a bit too attention-needy?"

Stout Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I've just about had it up to here with those desperados threatening Lin and Baishi. Don't they have anything better to do? I bet if I sent a few kegs of stout over there, they'd settle down real quick. A man's mind turns to mischief when he hasn't got anything to drink."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Yep, no more new calamities at the Crystalline Crag. I decided to stop tormenting those poor buggers. They made me mad when they tossed me out of their tavern for being too drunk. I hope they've learned their lesson!"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "No, you don't have to investigate the new Apostate Virindi dig site. I know exactly what is going on there. The Virindi are excavating an ancient and yet strangely well-preserved store of applesauce. Woe to us all if they get their hands on that long lost sauce."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Well, look, you can go running around Dereth finding Sean the Speedy's little markers if you want. But you'll never escape this essential truth: wherever you go, there you are."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So some fools tried to imprison a bunch of slavering, acid-blooded, muck-dripping Moarsmen, servants of an archdemon of decay. What were the odds something would go wrong? Honestly, anytime anyone on this island gets the ambition to do anything more than sit around and drink stout, bad things are bound to happen."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I suppose you could go talk to that old fool Felizio about what's going on with the new Apostate Virindi excavation. I mean, if you want the Apostates to turn your brain into applesauce and then feed it to their Hea running dogs through a straw."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I hear Mar'uun is back. Sort of. But they still need help or they won't be back for much longer. I can't tell if what's going over there just makes no sense, or if I was too drunk to remember properly when I heard about it."

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