Dark Thaw

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January 2000 - Announcements Page

Game Changes

  • Heritage Armor introduced.
  • Shadows are now found in the wilderness and not just in dungeons and POI such as the Power Plant.

Updated Locations

New Emotes

  • *warm hands*
  • *warm up hands*
  • *blow hands*
  • *blow in hands*
  • *blow on hands*

New Items

Faran Item Apprentice Robe Icon.png Faran Item Apprentice RobeFaran Creature Apprentice Robe Icon.png Faran Creature Apprentice RobeFaran Life Apprentice Robe Icon.png Faran Life Apprentice RobeFaran War Apprentice Robe Icon.png Faran War Apprentice RobeSuikan Item Apprentice Robe Icon.png Suikan Item Apprentice RobeSuikan Creature Apprentice Robe Icon.png Suikan Creature Apprentice RobeSuikan Life Apprentice Robe Icon.png Suikan Life Apprentice RobeSuikan War Apprentice Robe Icon.png Suikan War Apprentice RobeDho Item Apprentice Robe Icon.png Dho Item Apprentice RobeDho Creature Apprentice Robe Icon.png Dho Creature Apprentice RobeDho Life Apprentice Robe Icon.png Dho Life Apprentice RobeDho War Apprentice Robe Icon.png Dho War Apprentice RobeFaran Item Master Robe Icon.png Faran Item Master RobeFaran Creature Master Robe Icon.png Faran Creature Master RobeFaran Life Master Robe Icon.png Faran Life Master RobeFaran War Master Robe Icon.png Faran War Master RobeSuikan Item Master Robe Icon.png Suikan Item Master RobeSuikan Creature Master Robe Icon.png Suikan Creature Master RobeSuikan Life Master Robe Icon.png Suikan Life Master RobeSuikan War Master Robe Icon.png Suikan War Master RobeDho Item Master Robe Icon.png Dho Item Master RobeDho Creature Master Robe Icon.png Dho Creature Master RobeDho Life Master Robe Icon.png Dho Life Master RobeDho War Master Robe Icon.png Dho War Master RobeAmuli Coat Icon.png Amuli CoatAmuli Leggings Icon.png Amuli LeggingsCeldon Sleeves Icon.png Celdon SleevesCeldon Girth Icon.png Celdon GirthCeldon Leggings Icon.png Celdon LeggingsKoujia Breastplate Icon.png Koujia BreastplateKoujia Sleeves Icon.png Koujia SleevesKoujia Leggings Icon.png Koujia Leggings

Pack (Black) Icon.png Pack (Black)Pack (Blue) Icon.png Pack (Blue)Pack (Brown) Icon.png Pack (Brown)Pack (Green) Icon.png Pack (Green)Pack (Grey) Icon.png Pack (Grey)Pack (Olive) Icon.png Pack (Olive)Pack (Purple) Icon.png Pack (Purple)Pack (Red) Icon.png Pack (Red)Pack (Teal) Icon.png Pack (Teal)Pack (White) Icon.png Pack (White)

Pile of Long Sticks Icon.png Pile of Long SticksPile of Short Sticks Icon.png Pile of Short Sticks

Memorial Icon.png MemorialReturn to Frore Icon.png Return to FroreThe Lost City of Frore Icon.png The Lost City of Frore

Updated Items

New Creatures

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Updated Creatures

Mattekar Icon.png Mattekar


New Dialog

Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "Bold adventurers have slain the leaders of the Gelidite Cult! The ancient corpses of the undead Lords Frisander, Fenngar, Ferundi, and Frisirith now lie broken in the halls of the Lost City of Frore."

Town Crier tells you, "The Great Work of the Gelidite Cult has been shattered by intrepid explorers! With this fiendish magical artifact destroyed, the world has warmed again, and the snows have receded. I also accept money, if you want more news."

Town Crier tells you, "The Hoary Mattekar that were discovered in the mountains north of Neydissa Castle appear to have been hunted to extinction by overzealous adventurers. Who knows if Dereth shall see the likes of those magnificent creatures again?"

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