Leafcull, 17 PY

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Remembering the Past

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A few months passed with relative peace as the festival season came and went. Soon, Ben Ten sent a student to Shoushi to investigate the appearance of the Tanada by sending adventurers into the tanada training school, the House of Air.

At the same time, Another of Ben Ten's followers was sent to Sawato to investigate the Soul Hunter and his possible connection to the disappearance of Asheron.

A member of the Exploration Society discovered a new Falatacot temple in the swamps of the direlands, where subservient Burun and Sclavi were found working together. Deep inside this temple was a Falatacot portal device, and out from this device came a Burun messenger bearing a collar with Falatacot symbols. This collar lead to another Falatacot temple near Stonehold, where a new tome was found, detailing some of the plans of the Falatacot Matriarchs of Bur.