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Bridging the Vast Divide

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Small hunting parties from the Tanada House of Air began to roam the southern and northern mountain ranges, attacking all who came too close. Ben Ten's students in Shoushi and Yanshi would reward adventurers for the medallions taken from the hunting party leaders.

The location of Asheron's golem was revealed to be the summoning site for a portal to the distant world of Bur – the location of the missing Asheron. Isparians raided falatacot strongholds to repair the summoning pedestals and retrieve the missing orbs.

Once the site was complete, prince Borelean was able to summon a portal to Bur, despite the attack launched by Falatacot agents to stop him and the rest of the Isparians.

With the portal to Bur open, Isparians began to explore the underground caverns, helping the rogue group of Burun Ruuk fight back against both the Guruk loyal to the Burun kings as well as Falatacot and their servants. However, the location of Asheron was still a mystery.