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Exploration Society Icon.png Quests for Young Explorers

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After completing the Training Academy Quest, the following quests may be your next step.

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Starter Town Quests

The following quests are available in the four current starter towns. They have decent experience rewards and should quickly allow you to reach level 10 or greater, at which point you can begin the Facility Hub Quests.

Former Starter Town Quests

The following quests are available in former six starter towns. They have very poor experience rewards, and are generally not worth completing other than to experience this classic content.

Exploration Society Quests

The Exploration Society have two series of quests to help new arrivals. The Facility Hub Quests allow for rapid leveling from level 10 to approximately level 45. Afterwards, the Exploration Society Letters will provide young adventurers with a full suit of armor, jewelry, clothing, and weapons, along with excellent experience rewards.

Broker Contracts

  • Contract for Broker Contracts - For every 5 of the broker's contracts that you complete you will earn a bonus XP reward from the broker's assistant.