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Masked Memories

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It was time for the festival season again, but not all was peaceful this year. Claude the Archmage, the Virindi who was abducted from Ayan some time ago, returned to his shop. He had been twisted by Aerbax into his Prodigal Virindi, but Cluade acted as if he had never been taken and altered at all. Leopold, the other Virindi of Ayan, was concerned by his companion's change, and sent adventurers on a quest that would take them into the very mind of Claude.

Concerned with the growing number of Shadow-powered Virindi created by Aerbax now lurking in the Valley of Death, Queen Elysa sent out Royal Guards to the settlements of Ayan Baqur, Qalabar, Candeth Keep, and Wai Jhou. These soldiers tasked hunters with missions to destroy certain kinds of these new Virindi.

Back on Osteth, Al-Jalima was attacked and occupied by the forces of the Undead. Defense forces could not push out the attackers, but they did manage to discover the location of the lich behind the attacks, in a hidden dungeon inside the nearby Burial Temple.