Seedsow, 18 PY

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There was more trouble, this time with the tuskers and monouga.

Bobo the tusker king fell ill, and a new speaker for him appeared – the strange tusker Mudmouth. A resistance formed against mudmouth deep in the tusker emporium, and adventurers discovered that Mudmouth had poisoned Bobo with jungle orchids to take his place as the tusker leader.

In the direlands, a new cave was discovered near Teth. Virindi-altered drudges were gathering large amounts of food, speculated to be stolen from Cragstone, to feed strange imprisoned tremendous monouga. The monouga were being held in some other dungeon, but could be summoned by ringing a bell.

Meanwhile in Olthoi North, new olthoi appeared. These virindi-shadow altered bugs, paradox olthoi, began to roam the lands in small groups of grubs and nymphs.

A strange portal appeared in the Black Death Catacombs – the home of the original olthoi queen Elysa slayed years ago. The portal was guarded by the strange paradox olthoi. It was unstable and could not be entered. Scattered around the portal were the corpses of the tanada from the house of water, servants of Aerbax. A note on one of their bodies revealed that they had captured a young olthoi queen for Aerbax to alter, and were then ordered to bring it to the catacombs.