Leafdawning, 19 PY

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Shattered Lines

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T'thuun sent his minions out to infest six of the most powerful ley line nodes of Dereth, tainting the energy that flows through them and increasing the Old One's hold on the surface. Asheron, with some assistance from Borelean and Hoshino Kei, used powerful magic to construct a mystical pyramid at each node. To help combat the infestation, hunters sought out creatures nearby that had been tainted by T'thuun's powers, and used the crystals of blighted mana they carried to restore the nodes.

At the six blighted Moarsman temples, portals to damp catacombs below opened. Inside adventurers were assaulted by more of the tainted creatures. Deep inside each cavern adventurers found humans that served T'thuun practicing rituals to create more blighted Moarsman.