Leafdawning, 18 PY

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Intelligent Designs

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Paradox Olthoi infested a small valley on the southern edge of the Lost Wish mountain range, digging tunnels deep into the ground. A small group of hunters set up camp above the valley as a staging point for attacks. Those who explored the deepest regions of the catacombs found a ward guardian nymph. When it was killed the protections on the portal in the Black Death Catacombs fell and warriors were able to pour in to the new paradox hive. They discovered an egg hatchery deep inside, with a sealed door leading to even deeper tunnels.

A royal guard in Cragstone handed out gems developed by Prince Borelean that would reverse the portal magic of the bells in the monouga feeding pits. Those who dared to enter faced an army of Aerbax's shadow and virindi minions, but they were able to recover logs of his olthoi, tusker, and monouga experiments.

Meanwhile, more tanada activity was detected near Sawato. Pau Yajin sent those who had already investigated the other Tanada houses to the nearby Temple of Black Water. There, the last remains of Aerbax's tanada servants were being kept for further study and alteration.