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The Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty CD contains a folder with 12 Word documents full of lore. Much of this content is or was available in the game or on official Turbine/Microsoft sites, and was merely reproduced on the CD for easier access. Today, the CD is the only official source for some of the information, such as the Ages of the Empyrean document. If you have the CD, you can find the documents under <Drive>:\ASHERON\GOODIES\AC Lore.

Document Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Bestiary
  3. Historical Overview
  4. Ages of the Empyrean
  5. Dericost Texts
  6. Yalain Texts
  7. Ispar Texts
  8. Early Dereth Texts
  9. Frore Texts
  10. Fourth Sending Texts
  11. Virindi Texts
  12. Late Dereth Texts

Complete Listing

  1. AC:DM CD Lore/Introduction
  2. AC:DM CD Lore/Bestiary
  3. AC:DM CD Lore/Historical Overview
  4. AC:DM CD Lore/Ages of the Empyrean
  5. AC:DM CD Lore/Dericost Texts
  6. AC:DM CD Lore/Yalain Texts
  7. AC:DM CD Lore/Ispar Texts
  8. AC:DM CD Lore/Early Dereth Texts
  9. AC:DM CD Lore/Frore Texts
  10. AC:DM CD Lore/Fourth Sending Texts
  11. AC:DM CD Lore/Virindi Texts
  12. AC:DM CD Lore/Late Dereth Texts