Wintersebb, 18 PY

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Ancient Enemies

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Asheron returned to the safety of his castle, and opened his home to Isparians as thanks. After learning of the attack on his castle by the forces of Grael, Asheron began to collect pyreal and crystal material to construct a new Tower Guardian Golem.

The investigations into the strange behavior of the Tanada continued as yet another house was discovered. However, this newly discovered House of Water and all of its members had been twisted and altered by the rogue virindi Aerbax.

Aerbax used his altered assassins to abduct several inhabitants of Dereth: The town crier from Timaru, a drudge near Holtburg, the Bandering Champion Harraag from his lair in the Valley of Death, the grocer from Candeth Keep, and the virindi mage from Ayan Baqur.

Lord Rytheran of the Mage Academy, wishing to restore himself to his former strength, decided to read from a mysterious book of dark magic. By this action, an ancient graveyard rose from the earth in a secluded valley in the direlands.