Morningthaw, 20 PY

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What Once was Lost

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The Virindi in Mar'uun remained silently floating in the bar. While Marcus and Wren continued their work from last month, a machinist named Kaywin appeared behind the research area to repair the Stabilizing Machines using the same alloy pieces the Undead Mechanic has been collecting over the years.

The Crystalline Crag expanded once more, this time leading into deep magma filled caverns and fierce fire elemental wisps. In a large, deep chamber, explorers found a secret passage way leading to an Empyrean ruin - but the ancient hallway was just a dead end.

An old rival of Oswald from his days on Ispar, Selaina the Subtle, appeared on Dereth, where she founded an unnamed fraternity of assassins. Cryptic invitations were sent out to the hostile Isparian rogues, and adventurers were able to steal some of these and gain access to Selaina's secret testing ground dungeon and her lofty stone spire in the southeast Direlands.