Morningthaw, 18 PY

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Strange Sightings

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The fate of the bandering Harraag was revealed: Aerbax twisted him with the combined powers of the virindi and the Shadow in an attempt to create a leader for the banderling race that he could control. The experiment failed when the banderling tribes rebelled against the altered Harraag, keeping him trapped in his lair.

There was trouble with the other children of Ezheret, the drudges and mosswarts.

The drudges became unusually organized and began to raid Cragstone, stealing everything they could get their hands on, including chunks of the fallen shadow spire. They revealed they had learned to use lifestones and warned us of their new leader Bonecrunch.

Meanwhile, a new mosswart village was constructed on the Vesayens, offering a new god for the mosswarts to follow. Isparians were sent to the various mosswart tribes to make contact with them and learn of their intentions to follow this new leader.

Last, there was a disturbance in Linvak Tukal. There were hints of a virindi connection to Lord Kresovus. Explorers discovered a hidden dungeon and a virindi guarded by strange lugians. Upon returning to Cragstone, it was revealed that the Lord Kresovus in Linvak Tukal was an imposter.