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Yalain was one of the kingdoms and cultures of the Empyrean. It, along with the Kingdom of Haebrous, made up the High Empyrean cultures.[1]

Note: The words Yalain and Yalaini and their correct grammatical usage is never clear. Possibly due to various development teams working on Asheron's Call over the years, the terms are often interchangable. For this wiki, Yalain is the proper noun, and refers to the land and kingdom, e.g. The Seaborne Empire of Yalain. Yalaini is the adjective, and refers to the people and language, e.g. Yalaini Council of Five, Yalaini Language.



The Seaborne Empire of Yalain measured history by Eipothi, or epochs/ages in Roulean.[2] This calendar system was formalized in the reign of Alaidain.[2] The ruler of the Empire declared the end of each age and the name of the next.[2] Ages were concluded to mark a major historical event.[2] The Eipothi are as follows:

Eipoth Name Abbreviation Roulean Translation Length
Arelis Eipoth AE Golden Age Lasted approximately 20,000 years
Dericoi Eipoth DE Age of Dericost Lasted 6174 years
Vacari Eipoth VE Age of Contentment Lasted 6102 years
Rhethis Eipoth RE First Age of Lore Lasted 895 years
Torethis Eipoth TE Second Age of Lore Lasted 761 years
Hyrethis Eipoth HE Third Age of Lore Lasted 647 years
Moriqui Eipoth ME Age of Shifting Has thus far lasted 599 years
Sources: Ages of the Empyrean & other sources cited on the Timeline of Auberean.

Early History

The first mention of the Yalaini as a distinct people comes from a recently written Falatacot text. In it, the Yalaini, along with the Haebrean and Dericostians, were said to have driven the Falatacot to the island of Killiakta, or Dereth as it is known by now.[3] This event is presumed to happen either before or during the Arelis Eipoth. Asheron himself wrote that the furthest back the Yalaini could trace their lineage was over 30,000 years prior to the the writing of the text, which was written in the Hyrethis Eipoth, likely between HE 142 and HE 459.[4] This would place the furthest traces of Yalaini lineage to approximately AE 4074 to AE 4391 or ealier.

Seaborne Empire

The first mention of the Seaborne Empire of Yalain comes from a text which was written during Grael Rebellion, in the Dericoi Eipoth, some time prior to the Millenium War.[5] Empress Alaidain is the earliest recorded ruler of the Yalaini Empire, however it is not mentioned if she is the Empress during the Grael Rebellion. It is possible that the events of the Grael Rebellion immediately preceeded the Millenium War (within a matter of years), and the war was slightly shorter than 1,000 years, allowing for Alaidain to be Empress for the whole time period while maintaining the average lifespan of 1,000 years. It is also possible that Alaidain had an exceptionally long life. And a third possibility is that there was an Emperor or Empress before Alaidain, during the time of the Grael Rebellion, but his or her name has been lost.


Imperial Name Birth Name Bloodline Years of reign Notes
Empress Alaidain Alaidain Unknown DE ?? - VE 1 - ?? First recorded ruler of the Seaborne Empire.

Emperor Kellin
"Righteous Lord"
Unknown 7th in the Line of Alaidain RE ?? - RE 230 Next recorded ruler, after a 6,000 year gap with 6 unknown rulers

Emperor Caerlin
"Lord of the Deep Waters"
Delophon Realaidain 8th in the Line of Alaidain
Son of Kellin
RE 230 - TE 2 Died at age 773
Cause of Death: Soulburn Plague

Emperor Caerlin II Durglen Realaidain 9th in the Line of Alaidain
Son of Caerlin
TE 2 - TE 504 Died at age 1022

Empress Cellaurai
"Consecrated by Starlight"
Alhallie Realaidain 10th in the Line of Alaidain
Son of Caerlin II and Clari
TE 504 - HE 233 Mysteriously dissappeared while in Haebrous

Emperor Kellin II Cashtal Ronain
Cashtal Realaidain (after marriage)
11th in the Line of Alaidain
A Lord of Haebrous
Husband of Cellaurai
HE 233 - HE 647 Reign ended with the casting of The Sundering

Sources: Aerlinthe Record, Ages of the Empyrean & other sources cited on the Timeline of Auberean.


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