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The war-like Viamontian have a tendency to conquer other lands in an effort to broaden their borders. Disciplined and fiercely loyal to their leaders, the Viamontians have long been the scourge of the other heritage groups of Ispar. - Viamontian Description (Character Creation)

Viamontians are one of the Isparian Cultures. Their homeland is the kingdom of Viamont, on Ispar. Viamontians are among the human heritage groups to find themselves displaced on Dereth, along with the Aluvians, Gharu'ndim, and Sho. Viamontians were the fourth of the human heritage groups to begin to arrive on Dereth.

History on Ispar

Tribal period

Long ago the Roulean Empire had expanded to control the lands around the Ironsea. The Rouleans saw no benefit in conquering the Viamontian peninsula, and so the tribes that would later form Viamont, and their neighboring Aluvia, remained chaotic and disorganized.[1]

The tribes of this era warred over territory and livestock. Relations between these tribes were characterized by unstable alliances, opportunistic treachery, and vicious blood feuds. The tribes were organized around clans and ruled by a hereditary clan chieftain. The most successful clans were led by chieftains who were not only mighty warriors, but also cunning politicians.[1]

Clans were loyal to their chieftains. There are no stories of an ambitious family member killing and supplanting a cheiftain. All records of death of chieftains were attributed to war with other clans, natural causes, or misadventure. Successors to failing or dying clan chiefs were usually named by the incumbent, or anointed in ritualized trial by combat.[1]

In these early days, no one tribe rose to dominance. A handful of tribes rose to more powerful positions however, due to their control of the best lands and livestock for generations. These tribes included Bellenni, Lotili, and Furzi.[1]

Karlun's Viamontian Unification

Several hundred years ago, the Corcosi tribe rose to power and changed the political landscape of Viamont. The Corcosi tribe controlled excellent pasturelands as well as a natural port on the southern coast of the peninsula. During this time the tribe seemed more inclined to commerce than warfare, and was consided the most diplomatically inclined tribe of this period. They were wealthy and their lands were well-defended, but they did not desire to challenge the Bellenni or Lotili tribes. Instead, they established trade relationships with other tribes, and had established small outposts along the coasts and rivers to serve as ports.[1]

This all changed when a stranger named Karlun appeared. Although it is unknown where he came from, he was certainly not a native of the Viamontian peninsula. What is known is that, in very short order, he took over as chieftain of the Corcosi tribe in an unprecedented fashion. After taking control of the Corcosi trbie, Karlun used the existing trade connections with other tribes to establish military alliances. And with those alliances he began a swift and effective campaign to unite them under his rule.[1]

Through conquest, diplomacy, and treachery, Karlun managed to bring most of the other tribes under his leadership within one generation. As part of his program of unification, Karlun had brought learning and literacy (at least among the noble lines) to Viamont. The Viamontian magical arts also evolved from shamanic form dependent upon tribal totem animals into a variant of the familiar and almost-universal Four Schools.[1]

Civil War

Karlun's son, Elous I, and later his grandson, Elous II, continued this unification of Viamont through marriages with the other clans, and began a royal bloodline. There were a few tribes that resisted the unification. The tribes that resisted were mostly the powerful tribes that had the most to lose by bowing to a central authority. Most notable among these resisting tribes were Bellenni and Lotili.[1]

During the reign of Elous II, the resisting tribes formed an alliance of the their own. This resistance was led jointly by the shaman-wizard Bassano of the Bellenni and the warrior matron Pova of the Lotili. In the first pitched battle between the two sides, King Elous II died in personal combat with the two warlords. With the defeat of Elous II, hopes of defeating the resisting tribes vanished, and a Viamontian Civil War began. The war lasted almost 100 years. Throughout the war, tribes changed sides to best suit their interests. While the intensity of the war fluctuated, skirmishes took place more or less continuously somewhere in the peninsula.[1]

The civil war concluded in a battle in the foothills south of Corcosa. The battle lasted for three days, until there were not enough soldiers to continue fighting. In the end, King Elous V held enough of a tactical advantage to force the surrender from Bellenni and Lotili, but not enough of an advantage to see the victory he wanted - the eradication of the Bellenni and Lotili tribes.[1]

Unified Viamont

The civil war ended with all sides too spent to continue fighting, and the newly unified Viamont had 30 years of peace. By the time King Elous VI ascended to power, border wars began to occur once more between the lords of Viamont. Elous VI knew that unless this desire for conflict could be directed elsewhere, the newly formed kingdom would be broken again.[1]

And so Elous VI began the task of creating a national military force. Elous took the old tribal warlords and made them generals, and quietly brought in retired Roulean generals to train his new army. Soldiers were loyal to their hereditary lord, who were themselves loyal to Elous VI. Aside from their military obligations, Elous VI gave his lords great latitude to maintain their own domains. In order to keep the ambitions of the Viamontian lords in check, Elous established a war academy to make sure his own personal forces were the best-trained soldiers in Viamont. Other lords also sent their greatest soldiers to this academy, and this became the foundation of the Ferran Knights. [1]

Conquest of Aluvia

The first campaign of the unitied Viamontian army began in 704 RC, when the Grand Armada of Viamont invaded the neighboring nation of Aluvia.[1][2][3][4] The structured army of Viamont, accompanied by the Ferran Knights, defeated the loosely organized Aluvian militias led by the Aluvian King Pwyll II on the Plain of Ayrifal.[1][2][3][5] Aflric, who led the invasion of Aluvia,[3] was instated as ruler of Aluvia.[4] Alfric held the titles of Viamont Royal Governor,[2][6] Overlord of Viamont,[3], and King.[4] Viamont used the wealth and resources of the conquered Aluvia, and more borrowed Roulean Expertise, to vastly improve their naval forces.[1]

Alfric's reign of Aluvia lasted until 735 RC. He was suceeded by his son Theolaud, who ruled Aluvia as King.[2][3] Theolaud's reign lasted 30 years, until 765 RC. By this time, Elous VIII was king of Viamont. While the exact circumstances of Theolaud's death are lost to history, but it is speculated that he was assassinated, that he died in a duel with a Viamontian noble, or that he died in a duel with King Elous VIII himself. And the motives behind his death were possibly that he claimed Aluvia as his own kingdom, and possibly that he seized control of Aluvia to defend himself against the Viamontian king, who did not approve of Theolaud's affair with the king's young daughter.[2]

Theolaud's daughter, Alfrega, was the next to reign in Aluvia. She was known by the Aluvians as Alfrega the Mad, and the Winter Queen.[2][3] Alfrega was a paranoid ruler, who rounded up those she thought were conspiring against her and executed them.[3] Her reign ended in 779 RC. Her son, Osric, was next to reign in Aluvia.[3] Though Osric was of Viamontian heritage, he re-established Aluvia as a kingdom for the Aluvians.[4][3] Osric made peace with the the rebellious Aluvian nobles, lowered taxes, and named his son after the Aluvian saint Pwyll. To this day, Aluvians praise Osric, whom they call the Wise, in their folk songs.[4]

Osric reigned in Aluvia until 810 RC.[3][7] His son, Pwyll, took the throne, and the royal name Pwyll III. Thanks to the work of Osric, Aluvia was united as one by the time of Pwyll's reign, and Aluvia enjoyed a golden age.[4] In 835 RC, on what was described as the eve of war between Viamont and Aluvia, Pwyll III was killed by an ambassador from Viamont.[7][4] After Pwyll's death, Aluvian knights and commoners alike fell upon their Viamontian enemies and destroyed them.[4]

Viamont after Aluvia

By approximately 930 RC, Etien was the reigning monarch in Viamont.[8][9] After Gharu'n was founded in 924 RC, Yasif ibn Salayyar traveled to the other nations of Ispar to convince the foreign monarchs of Gharu'n's sovereignty. According to the records of Mansur al-Rajan, Etien held Yasif in his court for nearly half a year longer than what was considered proper.[9] Later, when Yasif was being held captive in Milantos, one of the rumors among the servants in the al-Nafalt was that Yasif was captured by Viamontian pirates after leaving the port of Mawwuz.[9]

Later, during a time known in Gharu'ndim history as the Century of Storms (approximately 1003 RC to 1103 RC), Viamont began new military campaigns.[10][1] Viamontian corsairs raided Roulean ports around the Ironsea. By this time Viamont had a naval fleet large enough to transport their armies across the Ironsea, and with this ability, the legions of the Bull banner marched on Milantos and Gharu'n. The Milanteans repelled the invading Viamontians with a scorched-earth campaign, while the Gharu'ndim were unable to due to the instability caused by the Century of Storms.[1] The Viamontians set up a puppet malik, Zahir ibn Ma'mun, while they ruled Gharu'n from afar. Over time, Zahir murdered his rivals - all except a young lord named Jawhar al-Shamshir. Jawhar traveled the desert in secret, banding together his people. Eventually he defeated Zahir, drove the Viamontians from the shores of Gharu'n, and became the new Malik.[10]

Another event which may have occurred during this period of military expeditions is that of Sir Borlac di Lotila and the Souia-Vey warriors of Vessenjhe. It is said that Sir Borlac met the Vessenjhe on the plains northwest of Gharu'n, and that he single-handedly slew every last Vessenjhe himself, wielding the powerful weapon which Borlac simply called Smite.[11]

Present Day

In 1274 RC, portals began to appear in Aluvia.[8] Their appearance disrupted all of Ispar. No one knew what the portals were, why they began to appear, or what happened to those that entered them. Both the people of Ispar and their rulers were afraid.[12] King Cedraic III of Aluvia, Malika Qadira bint Balj of Gharu'n, and the Emperor of Roulea were worried what King Varicci di Corcosi would do with in this chaos.[4][10][12]


Portal Year Roulean Year Event
Unknown Long after the Rouleans had brought imperial order to the lands around the Ironsea, the tribes that would become the nations of Viamont and Aluvia remained chaotic and disorganized. The Viamontian peninsula was home to a collection of independent tribes.[1]
-1176 PY
or earlier
500 RC
or earlier
The Corcosi tribe comes to prominence when a stranger named Karlun appears in their midst. His origin is unknown, but he is certainly not a native of the Viamontian peninsula. He takes over as chieftain of the Corcosi tribe in unprecedented fashion. Through conquest, diplomacy, and treachery, Karlun manages to bring most of the other tribes under his leadership within one generation. Notable tribes that Karlun does not gain power over are Bellenni and Lotili. The resisting tribes form an alliance of their own.[1]

[Editor's note: The era given for this event is several hundred years ago. Given that the current year is around 1300 RC, 500 RC (800 years ago) fits into this general time period. See Continuity - Viamontian History for more information.]
King Elous I, Karlun's son, reigns in Viamont.

[Editor's note: Though Elous I is not mentioned in the article, this is assumed based on the fact that Elous II is Karlun's grandson.]
King Elous II, Karlun's granson, reigns in Viamont.[1]
-1,071 PY 570 RC King Elous II dies in personal combat, fighting against the shaman-wizard Bassano of the Bellenni and the warrior matron Pova of the Lotili, in the first battle between the resisting tribes and Karlun's bloodline.[1]

With the defeat of Elous II, hopes of defeating the resisting tribes vanishes, and a Viamontian Civil War begins. The war lasts almost 100 years.[1]
-1,071 PY 570 RC During the civil war, Elous III reigns in Viamont.

[Editor's note: Though Elous III is not mentioned in the article, this is assumed based Elous V being mentioned later.]
During the civil war, Elous IV reigns in Viamont.

[Editor's note: Though Elous IV is not mentioned in the article, this is assumed based Elous V being mentioned later.]
During the civil war, King Elous V reigns in Viamont.[1]
-921 PY 670 RC The civil war concludes in a battle outside of the royal town of Corcosa. Both sides fight until there are not enough soldiers left to continue. In the end, Elous V is victorious, with the royal forces holding a tactical advantage enough to win a surrender from Bellenni and Lotili.[1]

The various tribes are too spent from their age of civil war to continue the fight any longer, and the new realm enjoys a 30 year period of peace.[1]
-876 PY 700 RC Elous V's reign ends as no other Viamontian ruler since Karlun had, he died peacefully, in his bed. Elous VI begins his reign of Viamont. By this time, border wars once again ignite between the lords of Viamont.[1]
-876 PY 700 RC Elous VI begins building a national military to unite Viamont. In addition, Elous VI establishes a war academy to make sure his own personal forces are the best-trained soldiers in Viamont. Other lords send their own most promising soldiers to this academy, and this practice would become the foundation of the fearsome Ferran Knights of later days.[1]
-869 PY 704 RC Elous VI uses his new army and invades Aluvia. They defeat the Aluvians at the Plain of Ayrifal.[1]
After -869 PY
Prior to -758 PY
After 704 RC
Prior to 779 RC
With Aluvia conquered, Viamont uses Roulean expertise and wealth and resources from Aluvia and builds a fleet large enough to transport their army across the Ironsea. Thus begins a wave of Viamontian military adventurism.[1]

[Editor's note: We can assume that this occurred prior to the end of Alfrega's reign in Aluvia in, since Osric began to mend relations with the Aluvian people.]
Viamontian corsairs raid Roulean ports around the Ironsea.[1]
-779 PY 765 RC King Elous VIII reigns in Viamont at this time. It is said that King Theolaud of Aluvia, son of Viamontian royal governor Alfric, is killed during a duel with the Viamontian king.[2]
-674 PY 835 RC King Pwyll III of Aluvia is killed by an ambassador from Viamont on what is described as the eve of war between the two nations, and it is said that the Aluvian knights and commoners alike fell upon their enemies and destroyed them.[7][4]
After -540 PY
Prior to -518 PY
After 924 RC
Prior to 939 RC
Etien reigns in Viamont. During his reign, Yasif ibn Salayyar visited Etien's court to convince him of the newly formed Gharu'n's sovereignty.[9]
After -422 PY
Prior to -272 PY
After 1003 RC
Prior to 1103 RC
Legions of Viamontians under the bull banner march against Milantos and Gharu'n. The Milanteans repell the invasion in a horrifying scorched-earth campaign, while the Viamontians succeeded in Gharu'n due do the Century of Storms.[1]
-15 PY 1274 RC Aluvia

King Cedraic III of Aluvia opens up trade with nations across the sea including the Gharu’ndim and the Sho and with that trade comes prosperity. To the west, however, Viamont bides: it will only be a matter of time before war returns to the land.[4]

-15 PY 1274 RC Gharu'n

The Malika Qadira bint Balj reigns in Gharu'n. There is always the threat of war, from both Viamont and Milantos, but the desert kingdom is once again a place where the sharpness of a man's mind is far more valuable than that of his sword.[10]

-15 PY 1274 RC Aluvia

The portals created by the Sundering begin to appear on Ispar in the Aluvian lands, and the first humans begin to arrive on Dereth.[8]

-15 PY 1274 RC All Nations

The appearance of the portals in Aluvia has disrupted all of Ispar. No one knows what they are or why they have appeared. The people of Ispar are afraid, and the Viamontians take advantage of this situation.[12]

-15 PY 1274 RC Aluvia, Roulea, Viamont

King Varicci di Corcosi reigns in Viamont.

Viamont invades Aluvia and Roulea. After early victories in Aluvia, the Aluvians put up a resistance, and the war falls into a stalemate. The Duke Bellenesse leads the invasion of Roulea. The Roulean Empire collapses, its imperial army annihilated and its Emperor killed in his palace by Bellenesse. The Viamontian army presses on to Gharu'n.[1]

-12 PY 1276 RC Gharu'n, Viamont

Within two years, after a siege by sea and by land, the Viamontians take Tirethas. Viamontian army marches east along the northern edge of the Naqut pushing back the Gharu'ndim army. Gharu'ndim resistance solidifies around the city of Shiryaz. Viamontians are fought to a standstill there, and Shiryaz remains free.[1]

-5 PY 1281 RC Viamont

King Varicci di Corcosi holds a tournament in honor of the 14th birthday of Eleonora du Bellenesse, duaghter of Duke Bellenesse. The tournament is held at Lord Marden's estate.

In the final fight of the tourney, Prince Renlen, son of Varicci, brutally kills Darren Marden, son of Lord Marden. The crowd is horrified, and the knights of Bellenesse ready themselves to fight. The Royal Guard move into the pit, forming a circle around the prince. The King makes his way to his Knights, followed by the elder prince, Varicci di Corcosi II. The Royal Guard encircle the King and his sons and escorted them out of the pit, barely averting a civil war.[13]

-3 PY 1282 RC Viamont

Another tournaments is held on the anniversary of the death of Darren Marden. Prince Renlen makes a great show of expressing his regret at the outcome of the duel one year prior, but throughout his speech, he never actually apologizes for the murder of Darren.[14]

-2 PY 1283 RC Gharu'n, Viamont

Talal ibn Qamuz of Nishadina is caught smuggling Old Roulean texts, saved from Tirethas, to sell to the Viamontians. The Malika of Gharu'n uses this situation to her advantage, and orders Talal to Viamont, with 1000 copies of the the Roulean text The Treatise of the Individual. He is sent to Viamont to peddle these copies to his Viamontian clients of nobility, including Countess Lotila, Count Renari, and Duke Bellenesse. As punishment for his crime, he is forever banished from Gharu'n.[15]

0 PY 1284 RC Gharu'n, Sho

Portals to Dereth begin to appear in Gharu'n and Sho.[8]

3 PY 1286 RC Viamont

Lord Marden announces that he will hold a tournament in honor of the fall of Lizistan. He invites knights from all the duchies of Viamont.

The Duke Bellenesse orders his knights to decline the invitation. Carlo di Cenza, squire of Sir Bellas, notices that the Duke has been acting strangely for several months now. The Duke has been rejecting being treated like a noble, and has distanced himself from the rest of Viamontian nobility. Carlo suspects the Old Roulean texts that have been in the Duke's fortress for the past few years.

In secret, Eleonora, Sir Bellas, and Carlo attend the tourney.[14]

Eleonora, disguised under her armor, enters the tournament. Eleonora wins the tourney, defeating the final opponent and nephew of King Varicci, Count Corcima. As has been tradition for five years now (since the tournament where Darren was killed), the victor has one final duel with one of the princes of Viamont, which they always lose. Eleonora duels prince Renlen and kills him.

Eleonora, Sir Bellas, and Carlo escape the area and begin to head back to the duchy of Bellenesse. At this point, Carlo recounts the events in his journal. He is sure these actions will lead to civil war.[16]

Meanwhile, a failed assassination attempt is carried out against King Varicci. The assassin escapes the royal palace. The royal guard track the assassin to a village in the Aluvian territories held by Viamont. The captain of the guard believes the assassin escaped through one of the mysterious portals. Prince Varicci believes that the assassin, Oswald, was hired by Duke Bellenesse.

With the blessing of his father, Prince Varicci begins a campaign to exterminate the house of Bellenesse.[17]

3 PY 1286 RC Gharu'n, Viamont

The Viamontian army camped outside Shiryaz is recalled back to Viamont, to deal with a crisis in their homeland.[1]

8 PY 1289 RC Viamont

The royal army of Viamont, lead by prince Varicci di Corcosi II, enter the lands of Bellenesse and lay siege to the Duke's fortress. The rebels, lead by Eleonora du Bellenesse and the Duke of Bellenesse, flee through a mysterious portal. Varicci and his army follow them.[1][18]

16 PY 1295 RC Aluvia, Gharu'n, Sho, Viamont

The last remnants of Bellenesse's rebellion have been all but eradicated. The followers of Bellenesse had distracted King Varicci from his campaigns elsewhere on Ispar, but with the rebellion defeated, Varicci once again turns his attention to the other lands of Ispar.[19]

The war between Aluvia and Viamont continues. Aluvia holds their western borders, and both sides have taken heavy losses, but the tides seem to be turning in favor of Viamont.[20]

The war between Gharu'n and Viamont continues as well. The Gharu'ndim believe their nation only continues to exist because King Varicci has not yet chosen to press his attack.[21]

The Sho worry what will happen to them should the Viamontians conquer Gharu'n completely.[22]

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