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Unfinished Business

The remnants of The Creeping Blight continued their efforts to summon their master, the Old One T'thuun.[1][2] On the Dark Isle, T'thuun's Sclavi constructed a temple with tunnels leading deep below the island, where they began capturing and distilling the essence of the Ley Lines into an infusion.[3] In time, the followers of T'thuun hope to use this infusion to strengthen their summoning rituals.[3] Back on Osteth, the followers of T'thuun continued their rituals in the scarred area of mountain dubbed Patriarch Valley. Isparian adventurers raided their floating pyramids and managed to steal their summoning rituals in an effort to disrupt future attempts to bring forth T'thuun.[1][4]

Meanwhile, the House of Fire of the Tanada Clan of Nanjou Shou-Jen, who had remained free of Aerbax's corruption, stationed an envoy in Hebian-To to send those who had earned the clan's trust on a mission to recover the ancient scolls of Air, Earth, and Water from the minions of Aerbax.[1][5]

Elsewhere, a mysterious new underground city appeared in the Yushad Ridge called Mar'uun, the drifter's home. Two of the inhabitants, Wren the Curious and Marcus Manfried, conducted portal space research on any Isparians willing to volunteer, hoping to unlock all the secrets of portal space and time. This experiment allowed them to gain access to a strange plateau in the Direlands. This new area, called the Crystalline Crag mysteriously appeared on a plateau near Chalicmere Castle. The land became charred and covered in strange crystal formations, along with new crystalline wisps attuned to the four elements. The changes extended well below the plateau, with an oddly geometric series of crystal tunnels below it.