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All magical items use Mana when in use. Each item has a specified depletion rate, for example 1 point every 20 seconds. This does not occur while a character is logged off. There are two ways to replenish the mana of an item. Charged mana stones can be puchased from any mage shopkeeper and used on the item. These are destroyed on use.

The second method is to use rechargable mana stones, use it on an unwanted magical item to drain the mana from the item, then use the stone on the item to charge. Be careful not to use a rechargable stone on an item you want to keep, the item will be lost if you do. You can protect items from accidentally being destroyed in this way by applying a bag of Salvaged Leather to add the Retained property.

The amount of mana drained and the chance the stone will be destroyed after use are variable characteristics that depend on which type of stone you are using.

Mana Charges
Name Value Stored Mana
Massive Mana Charge 65,000p 10,000
Titan Mana Charge 31,250p 5,000
Superb Mana Charge 12,000p 2,000
Great Mana Charge 5,500p 1,000
High Mana Charge 2,500p 500
Moderate Mana Charge 1,500p 350
Small Mana Charge 650p 175
Tiny Mana Charge 350 100
Mana Stones
Name Value Efficiency Chance of Destruction
Major Mana Stone 7,500p 300% 25%
Greater Mana Stone 5,000p 200% 20%
Moderate Mana Stone 2,500p 120% 15%
Mana Stone 1,000p 60% 10%
Lesser Mana Stone 500p 25% 5%
Minor Mana Stone 250p 10% 2%