Morningthaw, 19 PY

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Upping the Ante

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An Old One named T'thuun but calling itself "The Blighted Dreamer" appeared on Dereth. It made contact with a Falatacot named Xilinixilis, telling him to forsake the other Old Ones and worship it alone. A ghostly messenger was sent from Dereth to Bur to make contact with the Falatacot leaders there and ask for guidance. Meanwhile, The Blighted Dreamer sent its servants which it calls "The Creeping Blight" to attack the Isparians on Dereth. The first of these servants were a group of Blighted Moarsmans near Ayan Baqur.

In the Graveyard, the Jester has been freed from his prison, and now roams the surface of the graveyard.