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Beta Announcements Page

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May 1999

The first stage of beta testing begins.

June 1999

Apocalypse Party for End of First Phase of Beta

June 2, 1999

What would you do if you were a character in a virtual-reality world and knew the Server Wipe of the Apocalypse was about to erase your hard-earned stats? Would you run amuck, or would you hold a party to celebrate the time you'd had, the things you'd managed to do, and the friendships you'd formed along the way? Maybe a little of both.[1]

Apocalypse Party on 6/2/99

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Shreck's Final Hour

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Screenshots of the Apocalypse Party

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Apocalypse Party Chat Log, Just Prior to Server Wipe

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Scavenger Hunt

June 14, 1999

A strange agitation gripped the advocates of Dereth, who arranged a contest to recognize adventurers bringing them the most valuable collection of specified monster trophies within a six-hour span. Why they needed these items gathered so hastily, the advocates would not say, but many answered the challenge nonetheless.[1]
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July 1999

Call to Arms Event

July 7, 1999

An evil host descended on the major towns of Dereth. Auberon of Turbine Entertainment reports on the heroic defense that repelled, among other creatures, the towering tremendous monougas.[1]

Beta - Tremendous Monouga.jpg

Call to Arms Teaser

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Call to Arms Recap

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Call to Arms Recap - Screenshots

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The Campaign Against Wardiel

July 24, 1999

The evil captain of Bael'Zharon tried to subject Dereth to his will. Despite assistance from foul banderlings and even fouler traitors, Wardiel eventually succumbed to the valiant defense.[1]
"In Yanshi, the deaf oracle has broken his lifelong silence, chanting a litany of baleful portent: the world-devouring serpent uncoils from the cosmic abyss. Bael'Zharon passes like a shadow before the sun, conjuring his altars of strife within the very towns of Dereth, and those who patiently count the stars mark a score fewer each night. Pass the next four days in the manner that appears best to you. The world is in the making, and the agents of chaos sanctioned to destroy."

Wardiel's Deception

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Campaign Against Wardiel (Screenshots)

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September 1999

1999/9/17 Build Notes

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October 1999

Fire in the Sky

October 22 - 24, 1999

The final beta test incarnation of Dereth came to an end under the baleful glare of a comet, as meteors impacted major towns, scraps of ancient prophecy blew across the land, and terrible fire elementals rained from the sky.[1]

Fire in the Sky Recap

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Fire in the Sky Prophecy Contest

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Fire in the Sky Recap - Screenshots

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Fire in the Sky Prophecy Contest

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Image Gallery

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Sword of Lost Light Quest

Sword of Lost Light (Beta) Icon.png Sword of Lost Light (Beta)

Olthoi Cuirass Icon.png Olthoi Cuirass

Staff of the Weeping Witness Icon.png Staff of the Weeping Witness

Storm Renderer Icon.png Storm Renderer

Notable Beta Creatures

Human Icon.png Human

Monouga Icon.png Monouga

Olthoi Queen Icon.png Olthoi Queen

Rabbit Icon.png Rabbit