May 2015 Patch

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Hotfix 2

Patch Details

  • Patch Date: 12th May, 2015
  • Patch Size: 359k (Client: 4,728k)
  • Hotfix Date: 14th May, 2015
  • Hotfix Size: ?k (Client: 4,728k)
  • Hotfix 2 Date: 12th June, 2015
  • Hotfix 2 Size: 1000k (Client: 4,728k)


  • Fix for Darktide and other and other server stability issues.
  • Fix for an issue with the Gauntlet regarding the near invulnerable Burun. The defenses have been lowered varying amounts and the debuff mechanic removed entirely. It should be a bit more manageable now.
  • Fix for an exploit.
  • Hotfix for an issue introduced in which chests were not resetting, causing numerous quests to not be repeatable.
  • The second hotfix increased the cost of Luminance Certificates and Experience Certificates from 1 stipend to 2 stipends.