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Children of the Prodigal Lord

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The Kresovus Doppelganger, who was another child of Aerbax's experiments, was finally removed from power and the real Lord Kresovus was rescued from the tunnels below the fortress city of Linvak Tukal. Balor's pelt was found below the city, but the fate of the beast is still a mystery.

Concern grew out of Qalaba'r of a new Prodigal Child, Hea Rheaga. But Isparians who went in search of the new threat found that Aerbax's attempt to create the ultimate Tumerok from an abducted Hea warrior failed, and Rheaga had no desire to destroy the humans or command his brothers.

A plague spread among the Carenzi of Marae Lassel and Caul. An Aun hunter was sent from Timaru to Bluespire to help direct Isparians in hunting down and eradicating the infected Carenzi.

Later, Elysa sent out a tracker named Tailen to investigate the possibility of Aerbax creating a Prodigal Human. Tailen used her tracking abilities to find the location of a hidden lab, all the while being attacked by forces of Aerbax and defended by Isparians. Inside, warriors found forces of the Martinates attacking Aerbax's lab, while Aerbax's forces, powerful hollow minions and paradox Simulacra, fought off the invading humans. Deep inside they found the missing grocer from Candeth Keep, Dojiro Sangi. He had been twisted by Aerbax into the Prodigal Isparian, but his will was too strong to be completely under control of the Virindi. With help from the adventurers, Dojiro destroyed Aerbax's experiment and took his own life.

Later still, Aerbax called out for all Isparians to come to an open area in the dunes east of Yaraq. There, Aerbax released all his Children upon the Isparians, but the humans prevailed. Afterwards, Aerbax appeared and thanked the Isparians for helping them with his experiment.