Harvestgain, 19 PY

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Seeds of Corruption

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Conditions worsened at the Deru Trees of Marae Lassel. T'thuuns forces tunneled below to the roots of the Deru Trees. The Aun Tumerok Kimintari, Guardian of the Deru, devised a scheme to fight T'thuun by releasing the Wharu, the Olthoi, upon the minions of the Blight. Brave defenders ventured into the roots of the Deru trees and helped Kimintari complete his plans.

More trouble arose at the six ley line nodes T'thuun had previously tried to corrupt. Six Falatacot known as the Blight Lords appeared in lairs under the ley line nodes.

Throughout the month, the Patriarchs of T'thuun's forces conducted raids on many locations around Dereth, searching for invoking stones left behind by the ancient Falatacot civilization. As the month progressed, more locations were raided. Royal scouts were dispatched to help organize militia forces and reward defenders.