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An ancient Empyrean kingdom. Haebrous was an ally of the Seaborne Empire of Yalain, and later became a part of it.[1] The people of Haebrous and Yalain, the Haebrean and Yalaini, are known as the High Empyreans.[2]

Possibly the Haebrean lands were situated to the north of the Imperial Archipelago of Yalain, since the Ruschk where even farther north[3] , and some of the towns and regions first to be attacked by Ilservian Palacost are known to be situated in the Haebrean lands and in the north.[4][5]

Known locations are the town of Dernehale[6] and Aventin, the base of the Northern Church[7]. Other possible originally Haebrean locations are the regions/provinces of Nesortania and Glystaene, first to feel the revenge of Ilservian Palacost[4][8] and therefore also Elancia[7],Aerlinthe, since Aventin might have been located there[7], and the port of Aribel[9].


Early History

The first mention of the Haebrean as a distinct people comes from a Falatacot text. In it, the Haebrean, along with the Yalaini and Dericostians, were said to have driven the Falatacot to the island of Killiakta, or Dereth as it is known by now.[10] This event is presumed to happen either before or during the Arelis Eipoth.

The Grael Rebellion

In the fifth year of the reign of His Majesty King Braletain of Haebrous, a tribe of Ruschk in the frigid northern edge of the Kingdom of Haebrous is slain to make way for a mercantile company's gemstone excavations. This native tribe called themselves "Mukkir" and put up such a ferocious fight against the Haebreans that Braletain's soldiers exterminated every one, save for one single warrior.[11] This only survivor of this tribe, Grael, is brought back to the Royal Menagerie.[3] Carraida, the young Queen of Haebrous, begged her husband to send Grael to gladiatorial pits for her amusement. Grael goes on to be undefeated, killing all that challenge him and eating their hearts.[3]

Two seasons later, The Grael Rebellion occurs. Grael and some of his fellow slaves overpower the arena guards and take over the entire building. Ten thousand Haebreans and no small number of visiting Yalaini and Dericostians die. Queen Carraida, who was present at the arena, is killed by Grael in an act of vengeance. The rebellion spills out into the streets. On the third day of the rebellion the royal army corners the slaves in the West Market. The King orders royal mages to incinerate the entire market square with a rain of magical fire that lasts almost a full day. Grael, however, escapes.[12][11][13]

Twenty years after The Grael Rebellion, King Braletain is a ruined and wasted man, a shadow of the strong and admirable leader he had been. His weakness has emboldened the ever-grasping Dericostians, there is no clear and qualified successor, and Lord Alashorn fears war will come soon between the Kingdoms.[3]

The Millenium War

The Dericost Kingdom at the height of its power attacked its neighbors Haebrous and Yalain, igniting the Millennium War.[1] At some point, Braletain no longer rules over Haebrous. Jailne is the King of Haebrous at the end of the Millennium War. He defeated, together with Empress Alaidain of the Yalaini, the Dericost faction of the Latzimestal[14] The final battle opened with the Haebrous warrior Leikotha Arenir and the combined armies of the Haebrous and Yalaini attacking the living and undead armies of the Dericost. With Dericost attention occupied by the assault, a Falatacot woman who had escaped the Lords' purge led Jailne and Alaidain through the trackless tunnels of Vasmora into the palace of Sarvien II. In a pitched battle, the Haebrous and Yalaini forces destroyed Sarvien and his Lich advisors, but the struggle costed Jailne his life. [15][9] One of the most famous warriors of the Haebrous is Leikotha Arenir.[16][9]

In DE 6174, the Ice Throne of Dericost is overturned by the victorious Haebrous and Yalain.[17][1] After nearly 1,000 years of conflict, the Haebrous and Dericost lands are devastated.[18]

Merging with the Yalaini Empire

Somewhere during the Vacari Eipoth, the kingdom of Haebrous amalgamates into the Seaborne Empire.[1] With their lands largely untouched by the war, the Yalaini initiated a worldwide rebuilding program. Their influence eventually caused the Haebrous to lose their unique cultural identity, although the Haebrous would always be known for their stoicism and cynicism.[18]

Sometime during the Rhethis Eipoth, Ilservian Palacost's forces assault the Empire's holdings in the Haebrous continent. The Yalaini forces lead a desperate retreat from the Haebrous lands. In a bid to provide them with more time to make good their retreat, the Council of Five confronts the Shadow mage leading the assault against the Haebrous town of Dernehale. During the battle, the mage reveals her name to be Elithra of Daralet. She is said to be an Haebrean mage.[6] Finally, through the combined might of the Council, this powerful mage is defeated. Her death sows confusion among the Shadows and gives the Yalaini forces time to evacuate the town.[6]

Lord Cashtal Ronain of Haebrous[7] marries Alhallie Realaidain, daughter of Clari Loritane and Caerlin II, Mistress of Elancia and Aerlinthe, the later Empress Cellaurai in TE 477. His last name is changed to Realaidain.[7] After Empress Cellaurai disappears while on a tour of Haebrous in HE 232, he succeeds her as Emperor of the Yalaini, and names himself Emperor Kellin II, "The Righteous Lord".[7]

The Haebrous, like their allies the Yalaini were send to portal space by the Sundering in HE 647, after the Olthoi invaded Auberean. This included the Nali Valind.[1]

In Dereth

Asheron managed to free some of the Empyreans from portal space during the From Darkness, Light event. However, the only know Haebrean in Dereth is the Seer Lord Tyragar.[19]


Royal Name Birth Name Bloodline Years of reign Notes
King Braletain & Queen Carraida[3] DE 4973 - ??

King Jailne around DE 6174


The Haebrous were known for their stoicism and cynicism.[18]

Customs and Traditions

The Haebreans had a tradition of gladiator fights, for which they preferred to use captured warriors and other slaves.[3][13]

Religions and Beliefs

The Northern Church was reformed by Nali Athanas, who was an Haebrean, in HE 142, during the rule of Empress Cellaurai and Emperor Kellin II.[7]


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