Wintersebb, 19 PY

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Foolish Ambition

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A scholar appeared in Zaikhal, sending Isparians to gather information about Rytheran. After finding Rytheran's Seal in the Graveyard which the Jester had stolen, explorers were able to breach Rytheran's hidden vault below the Mage Academy. But Rytheran had already left, and he had taken the Book of Eibhil with him. However, some valuable information was revealed in Rytheran's Journal which he had left behind:

"There is a new crack in the foundation, a new seam in the fabric of will arise, when the conditions on this troubled island of Killiakta are right. There will be a crack in the invisible lines through which flow the Blood of the World that the primal chaos at the core of the world will exploit. I will do my best to bury this graveyard of tormented Mhoires deep in the ground, protected and concealed with all the wards at my disposal, to conceal the flaw for as long as I can. But the servants of the Old Ones always find a way."