Verdantine, 19 PY

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Ancient Powers

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The three Societies of Dereth began openly recruiting the strongest heroes of Dereth into their ranks. Members were sent out to both investigate and combat the ever growing Creeping Blight of T'thuun, as well as vie for control of the rich power of the ley lines which had increased in strength after the defeat of Aerbax.

Researchers at the Arcanum were also reaping the rewards from the stronger ley lines, and opened up three powerful mana forges in the capital cities to provide the elite of Dereth with new equipment.

The mysterious Shroud Cabal, backed by an unknown faction of Virindi, reappeared. Wanting to take advantage of the warring societies, the Shroud Cabal set up black markets under two ancient castles, offering unique and powerful items for whichever society could defeat the invading forces of The Blight and claim the fortress for their own.