Seedsow, 19 PY

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Magical currents ruptured, creating a crack in the earth near the graveyard and exposing a ley line.

The Celestial Hand and Radiant Blood traced the current disturbance in the ley lines to Rytheran. Each society placed an agent in Wai Jhou to send explorers into the Rytheran's current sanctuary, the Gardens of Menilesh. The explorers were tasked with obtaining Rytheran's Mnemosyne, which contained his memories of his reading of the Book of Eibhil.

The Jester sent Isparians on a task to help him remove the "lalalas" from his head. Adventurers took the core of a powerful K'nath found leeching off the exposed ley line, and then brought this core to the lectern were Rytheran kept the Book of Eibhil, back the the Jester for purification, then to the strange pillar of T'thuun in Rytheran's new sanctuary in the Graveyard. With the core now empowered, Isparians returned it to the Jester. Upon swallowing the core, the Jester gained a brief moment of clarity, revealing that the voices in his head was that of T'thuun. In his moment of peace, he recorded his story into a book.

The Falatacot Matriarchs on Bur sent Harlune a message asking for an alliance. Harlune, who has now left the Mite Maze, stationed a body guard named Roderick in the maze. Roderick gave Isparians the mission of delivering Harlune's message declining the Falatacot's offer.