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May 2004 - Announcements Page

Game Changes

  • A number of new allegiance tools such as Allegiance Officers and allegiance account bans have been added.
  • Allegiance bindstones can now be found in towns, but are not yet active.
  • Part four of the ongoing treasure revisions has been introduced. See the Letter to the Players for details.
  • The following features of a number of towns have been revised: Lifestone locations, portal drop locations, Meeting Hall locations, the spells sold by Scriveners, and mundane items sold by vendors.
  • Other changes:
    • The ranged attack slider now has a 40% penalty at maximum speed.
    • The icons of imbued weapons now have unique backgrounds.
    • New icons for consumable items such as potions, mana charges and healing kits.

User Interface Updates

  • The paperdoll in the Inventory Panel has two new slots for your character's pants and shirt.
Underclothing Slots Live.jpg
  • New "Display Timestamps" character option added to the panel.
Display Timestamps Live.jpg
  • Items that can be dyed or tinkered with Ivory now explicitly state this when they are examined.
Dyeable Property Live.jpg
Ivoryable Property Live.jpg

New Quests

Updated Quests

  • Palenqual's Living Weapons
    • Now possible to create caster, bow, unnarmed, atlatl, sword and crossbow living weapons.
    • Increased damage, modifiers and other values on all weapons.
    • Crushing Blow and Biting Strike properties added.
    • Arcane Lore and skill restrictions removed and replaced with a 250 base wield req.
    • Talismans used to exchange for base weapons and the NPC that accepted have been retired.

New Events

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

  • Tusker Assault - creatures updated
  • Town Updates:
    • The portal drops for many towns have be moved to more convenient locations, similar to the changes that have already been made to Shoushi, Yaraq, and Holtburg.
    • Many towns have received more convenient Lifestones.
    • Most Meeting Halls have been moved to more convenient locations.
    • Distribution of mundane items are now based on the level of the town's surrounding content. The greater the level of the town's surrounding content, the better the items that the vendors will sell.
    • Scriveners have been added to several towns. Also, the scriveners in Uziz and Sawato now sell level 4 spells instead of level 5 spells, as the surrounding content is intended for low-level characters.

New Items

Drudge Championship Belt Icon.png Drudge Championship BeltRenegade Hauberk Icon.png Renegade HauberkRenegade Leggings Icon.png Renegade Leggings

Tahuirea's Cache Icon.png Tahuirea's CacheSealed Lugian Chest Icon.png Sealed Lugian ChestForbidden Chest Icon.png Forbidden Chest

Mudslinger Title Token Icon.png Mudslinger Title TokenHonorary Windreave Title Token Icon.png Honorary Windreave Title TokenArctic Adventurer Title Token Icon.png Arctic Adventurer Title TokenHunter Title Token Icon.png Hunter Title TokenTracker Title Token Icon.png Tracker Title TokenPlatinum Prowler Title Token Icon.png Platinum Prowler Title TokenPhilanthropist Title Token Icon.png Philanthropist Title TokenDiplomat Token Icon.png Diplomat TokenMosswart Thanking Stone Icon.png Mosswart Thanking Stone

Tasty Pudding Icon.png Tasty Pudding

Coral Fragment Icon.png Coral FragmentPriceless Ore Icon.png Priceless OreBurning Coal Icon.png Burning Coal

Handy Healing Kit Icon.png Handy Healing KitAdept Healing Kit Icon.png Adept Healing KitGifted Healing Kit Icon.png Gifted Healing Kit

Candeth Keep Blueprints Icon.png Candeth Keep BlueprintsBurun Idol Icon.png Burun Idol

Shadow Stone Necklace Icon.png Shadow Stone NecklaceSerpent Ring Icon.png Serpent RingRenegade Insignia Ring Icon.png Renegade Insignia Ring

Tahuirea's Key Icon.png Tahuirea's KeyLugian-Forged Key Icon.png Lugian-Forged KeyForbidden Key Icon.png Forbidden KeyRusted Brass Key Icon.png Rusted Brass Key

Massive Mana Charge Icon.png Massive Mana ChargeMinor Mana Stone Icon.png Minor Mana StoneModerate Mana Stone Icon.png Moderate Mana StoneMajor Mana Stone Icon.png Major Mana Stone

Bind Stone Icon.png Bind StoneA Cluttered Table Icon.png A Cluttered TableCorpse of Lugian Courier Icon.png Corpse of Lugian Courier

Dark Towers (Portal Gem) Icon.png Dark Towers (Portal Gem)Drudge Fight Portal Gem Icon.png Drudge Fight Portal GemGold Hill Ruins (Portal Gem) Icon.png Gold Hill Ruins (Portal Gem)Oubliette Icon.png OublietteNanner Island Portal Gem Icon.png Nanner Island Portal Gem

Refreshing Water Icon.png Refreshing WaterPlatinum Spirits Icon.png Platinum SpiritsHealth Philtre Icon.png Health PhiltreStamina Philtre Icon.png Stamina PhiltreMana Philtre Icon.png Mana PhiltreHealth Tonic Icon.png Health TonicStamina Tonic Icon.png Stamina TonicMana Tonic Icon.png Mana TonicStamina Brew Icon.png Stamina BrewHealth Tincture Icon.png Health TinctureStamina Tincture Icon.png Stamina TinctureMana Tincture Icon.png Mana Tincture

A Broken Insignia Ring (Renegade Fortress) Icon.png A Broken Insignia Ring (Renegade Fortress)Large Golden Coin Icon.png Large Golden CoinPainbringer's Head Icon.png Painbringer's HeadMosswart Mourning Stone Icon.png Mosswart Mourning StoneA Broken Insignia Ring (Burun Burrow) Icon.png A Broken Insignia Ring (Burun Burrow)

Text Icon Parchment.png Mutual Assistance PactForbidden Note Icon.png Forbidden NoteText Icon Parchment.png Aerbax's ValleyText Icon Parchment.png Fortress ConstructionText Icon Parchment.png Orders to Contact the Burun

Gibbering Claw Icon.png Gibbering ClawStaff of the Painbringer Icon.png Staff of the PainbringerAtlatl (Palenqual's Living Weapons) Icon.png Atlatl (Palenqual's Living Weapons)Buadren (Palenqual's Living Weapons) Icon.png Buadren (Palenqual's Living Weapons)Kalindan Icon.png KalindanKorua Icon.png KoruaPanaq (Palenqual's Living Weapons) Icon.png Panaq (Palenqual's Living Weapons)Ukira Icon.png UkiraAudetaunga's Atlatl of the Mountains Icon.png Audetaunga's Atlatl of the MountainsAudetaunga's Buadren of the Mountains Icon.png Audetaunga's Buadren of the MountainsAudetaunga's Kalindan of the Mountains Icon.png Audetaunga's Kalindan of the MountainsAudetaunga's Korua of the Mountains Icon.png Audetaunga's Korua of the MountainsAudetaunga's Panaq of the Mountains Icon.png Audetaunga's Panaq of the MountainsAudetaunga's Ukira of the Mountains Icon.png Audetaunga's Ukira of the MountainsPalenqual's Atlatl of the Chase Icon.png Palenqual's Atlatl of the ChasePalenqual's Buadren of the Chase Icon.png Palenqual's Buadren of the ChasePalenqual's Kalindan of the Chase Icon.png Palenqual's Kalindan of the ChasePalenqual's Korua of the Chase Icon.png Palenqual's Korua of the ChasePalenqual's Panaq of the Chase Icon.png Palenqual's Panaq of the ChasePalenqual's Ukira of the Chase Icon.png Palenqual's Ukira of the ChasePalenqual's Atlatl of the Heights Icon.png Palenqual's Atlatl of the HeightsPalenqual's Buadren of the Heights Icon.png Palenqual's Buadren of the HeightsPalenqual's Kalindan of the Heights Icon.png Palenqual's Kalindan of the HeightsPalenqual's Korua of the Heights Icon.png Palenqual's Korua of the HeightsPalenqual's Panaq of the Heights Icon.png Palenqual's Panaq of the HeightsPalenqual's Ukira of the Heights Icon.png Palenqual's Ukira of the HeightsPalenqual's Atlatl of the Vortex Icon.png Palenqual's Atlatl of the VortexPalenqual's Buadren of the Vortex Icon.png Palenqual's Buadren of the VortexPalenqual's Kalindan of the Vortex Icon.png Palenqual's Kalindan of the VortexPalenqual's Korua of the Vortex Icon.png Palenqual's Korua of the VortexPalenqual's Panaq of the Vortex Icon.png Palenqual's Panaq of the VortexPalenqual's Ukira of the Vortex Icon.png Palenqual's Ukira of the VortexTanae's Atlatl of the Forests Icon.png Tanae's Atlatl of the ForestsTanae's Buadren of the Forests Icon.png Tanae's Buadren of the ForestsTanae's Kalindan of the Forests Icon.png Tanae's Kalindan of the ForestsTanae's Korua of the Forests Icon.png Tanae's Korua of the ForestsTanae's Panaq of the Forests Icon.png Tanae's Panaq of the ForestsTanae's Ukira of the Forests Icon.png Tanae's Ukira of the ForestsVolkama's Atlatl of the Rivers Icon.png Volkama's Atlatl of the RiversVolkama's Buadren of the Rivers Icon.png Volkama's Buadren of the RiversVolkama's Kalindan of the Rivers Icon.png Volkama's Kalindan of the RiversVolkama's Korua of the Rivers Icon.png Volkama's Korua of the Rivers

Volkama's Panaq of the Rivers Icon.png Volkama's Panaq of the RiversVolkama's Ukira of the Rivers Icon.png Volkama's Ukira of the Rivers

Updated Items

New Spells

New Titles

New Creatures

Burun Icon.png Burun

Drudge Icon.png Drudge

Golem Icon.png Golem

Human Icon.png Human

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Margul Icon.png Margul

Mosswart Icon.png Mosswart

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Tusker Icon.png Tusker

New Dialog

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "Those creepy little statues that popped up not long ago are hiding even more than they were before. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard something about an assault having to do with Aphus Lassel."

Town Crier tells you, "Tumerok ambassadors have been seen in Holtburg and Ayan Baqur. They say that they are here to hunt some of the strongest foes that Dereth knows."

Town Crier tells you, "Apparently there's been some new finds on Marae Lassel. Something about a cavern on the island, or maybe the island is a cavern? I don't really know."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you seen all the new items that some vendors are carrying? You should really take a look."

Town Crier tells you, "Renegade activity on the northern outskirts of the Valley of Death has been reported across Dereth."

Town Crier tells you, "A lifestone in every town and a portal that takes you there! I'm curious, why did the Lugians help move the allegiance halls so close to town. What's more, what is that odd looking stone in front of them? The High Queen has told us that we'll know the answers very soon."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you noticed that magic seems to have changed again? I'm fairly sure that I can heal more wounds and that spells that weaken me in some way are disappearing faster."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard that there are small bands of Mosswarts fleeing the Blackmire, looking for some new home."

Town Crier tells you, "I think that it was a nice gesture of the High Queen to commission the relocation of portal drops. Now even more people are coming by to visit me."

Town Crier tells you, "If you happen to be out hunting make sure you pilfer your kills. You never know what you may find out there."

Town Crier tells you, "Those three Tumerok brothers are rather strange. Who goes out and picks a fight with creatures that are so darned tough? Not me, I'll tell you. Give me a nice safe place like a town and I'm happy."

Town Crier tells you, "Strange gems are being carried by some creatures. They seem to lead to secret locations that we haven't heard of before. Go figure."

Town Crier tells you, "You know, I almost feel sorry for the Mosswarts... sure they're a nuisance, but I feel like we should try to help them in some way. These new creatures are much worse!"

Town Crier tells you, "Okay, you didn't hear this from me. Apparently the Tusker King has been losing control over some of the humans on his island. He's been busy trying to make sure that they don't get free and has begun a new assault against them. Do you think that the tailor there is winning his hidden fight?"

Town Crier tells you, "I'm not talking to those creepy little statues, but I've heard that something else has appeared in the place that they guard. Some creepy little thing with wings!"

Town Crier tells you, "I've seen full fellowships of people casting spells on one another all at once. I can't help but think that being able to use those spells and the other changes to magic are related. But the question is, is the power behind these new benefits benevolent or malignant?"

Town Crier tells you, "My cousin said that he was out in the Direlands, just north of the Valley of Death, when he saw war machines being rolled across the desert sand. War machines! What does that mean?"

Town Crier tells you, "The Aun Tumerok have expanded on the weapons that you could craft from their totems before. I heard that one of the Tumeroks left the caverns where you buy the totem weapons. Maybe they had a fight, maybe you should check it out."

Town Crier tells you, "They say that Asheron went back home. I can't wait to see what he does, now that he's in control of the place."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant

You give Ulgrim the Unpleasant Filled Beer Stein.

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Not bad, nice beer stein too. It reminds me of that time I was in Dryreach."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I had decided to go on a trip. I was tired of all the the sun and relaxation, you know how it is. Anyway, I traveled around for awhile visiting pubs and inns and ended up in Dryreach, where I was astonished to find a wonderful house brew made by my friend Mordomor."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I decided to spend awhile getting to know the drink better so I went to find the old lifestone NW of town. Yeah, I know there's a new lifestone there, but I didn't know that then. The old lifestone looked broken, but by this time I was heavily in my cups and unconcerned with trivial things."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Now, I'm going to give you a very important bit of information here. Never ever, under ANY circumstances, bind to a lifestone when your drunk. And if you have an old faulty wand. And if it looks like the lifestone's broken... especially if it looks like the lifestone is broken. I remember wondering why the lifestone was sparking like that, then why my wand was sparking like that. Then my wand caught fire, shot from my hand and exploded... then things got weird."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Everything after that is fuzzy, but I remember dying repeatedly. Not something I recommend, but what with all the explosions and electric shocks it seemed like the thing to do. My life flashed before my eyes, at least the part that involved being repeatedly killed and revived by a demented lifestone."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "When I came to I found that the bodies I had left during my reincarnations hadn't died. In fact there were nine copies of myself standing around arguing with each other. I could have sworn that I died more than nine times, but like I said before I was pretty vitae'd up."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I've heard of similar lifestone malfunctions before. Usually the duplicate is just a creepy standing corpse of sorts that hasn't forgotten how to breathe. In most cases unbinding from your lifestone will return that corpses lifeforce or vitae back to its owner."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "But to unbind from the lifestone I needed to use the same casting device that I tied to it with. By the time I found one of my wand's splinters in the pocket of my robe I realized the duplicates of me had run off."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "It turned out that each of my copies had a splinter from the wand. I was too weak to get them back myself, so I enlisted the help of adventurers. These good people collected all the splinters of my wand and brought them back to me."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I heard many stories about my duplicates and I actually grew kind of fond of some of them. It was with a heavy heart that I recrafted my wand and unbound from the lifestone. I haven't heard of them since then. I guess they're all gone..."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I'll always remember the time we spent together that spring."

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