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Mu-Miyahs are nomad warriors of the Sand Kings.[1]


From the AC:DM Derethian Bestiary:[1]

"The Sand Kings are former chieftains of the High Desert, a large expanse of wasteland and tundra west of Gelid. The tribes of the region were fierce nomadic warriors, who moved their herds of animals from one hot spring shelter to another as the seasons turned. The High Desert was an early conquest of the Dericost monarchs, a campaign in which they came to respect the fighting prowess of their enemies. For millennia afterwards, the nomads were recruited to lead the armies of Dericost. They currently serve the Steward of Chalicmere's Latzimestal, though not necessarily by preference – their oaths were to the monarch of Dericost, and the nomads always honor their oaths.

Nerash was a Sand King who led the armies of Dericost at the final battle of the Millennium War – the siege of the Plateau of Gelid. For losing this battle, he was disgraced. During the engagement, however, a beautiful Haebraen warrior named Leikotha caught his eye and heart. In the aftermath, he abducted her and turned her to an undead. She later escaped, and had her vengeance at the conclusion of the Empyrean Shadow War. Nerash was slain by Leikotha at Ayn Tayan, a titanic three-day battle between undead and Shadow.

Anadil was a fellow of Nerash, and apparently second only to that Sand King in the art of war. He was recruited by the Steward of Chalicmere to serve as head of the undead army that stood against Bael'Zharon in P.Y. 11. While serving in that capacity, he was slain by Isparians near the Cathedral of Ithaenc. He has since been laid to rest by his tribesman at the Crypts of the Sand Kings, in the South Direlands."


Town Crier tells you, "News! The undead general Anadil and his spymaster Asmolum were slain at the Ithaenc Cathedral! The nomad mu-miyah of the shattered Dericostian army were seen carrying Anadil's broken form away south of Chalicmere Castle."

Town Crier tells you, "The Tomb of Anadil has been robbed!"



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