Frostfell, 17 PY

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Cold Tracks

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The investigation of the Tanada continued. This time, another follower of Ben Ten sent adventurers to the long hidden Tanada House of Earth. This house was established long ago when the Sho people first came to Dereth, and was thus uncorrupted by whatever was tainting the newly arrived House of Air.

Ben Ten also sent a student to Cragstone to send people on the trial of Asheron by making contact with his golem Servant located at a strange empyrean site on a hill north of Holtburg.

Newer arrivals discovered something new in Folthid's cellar, the mountain sewers of Tou-Tou, and the three halls of Metos. The secrets of Asheron found in these dungeons were revealed only to the inexperienced adventurers, as they would not have the ability to recreate what the great mage had done.