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Isparian Weapons Quest
Required Level: ??
Type: Group
Starts At: ??
Repeat: ??

Quest Overview

  • Quest to gain a weapon forged from pyreal using pure mana. These weapons were designed during the Elements of Revenge story arc for use against Elementals, but they can also be adapted for fighting Shadows. See Atlan Stones for more information.

Walk Through

Step 1: Creating the Perfect Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot

  1. [Optional] Speak with Alaine the Apprentice in Xarabydun.
  2. Proceed to the Arcanum Research Facility outside of Al-Jalima and pick up Enchanted Decanters. There is no limit to how many you can take, but bear in mind their burden.
  3. Proceed to the Fathomless Chasm near Shoushi.
  4. Locate the level-appropriate sub-dungeon within the Fathomless Chasm and enter with your group.
  5. Fill your Decanters in the pool at the end of the dungeon to get Decanter of Essence (no longer Attuned and Bonded, and now stackable to 10)
  6. To create an Isparian Weapon, you will need to get an Alchemist to craft you a Quality Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot, Superb Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot, or a Perfect Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot:
    • Decanter of Essence Icon.png + Diamond Powder Icon.png = Thick Diamond Oil Icon.png
    • Thick Diamond Oil Icon.png + Quality Pyreal Ingot Icon.png = Perfect Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot Icon.png

Step 2: Forging the Isparian Weapon at Crater Lake Village

  1. Once you have your Ingot, buff up and proceed to Crater Lake Village.
  2. Go up the tower and shop with Silencia the Archmage. Purchase a New <Weapon> Glyph (see below).
  3. Combine your New <Weapon> Glyph with your Perfect Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot to create a Perfect Isparian <weapon> Ingot (weapon skill check)
  4. Hand your Perfect Isparian <weapon> Ingot to Silencia's Magma Golem next to Silencia the Archmage to obtain an Isparian Weapon.

Step 3: Adding Stones to your Weapon

  1. There are a range of stones available for the Isparian Weapons that can add elemental damage and special properties such as Slayers. See Atlan Stones for more information.
Step 3b: Creating the Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool
  1. To obtain an Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool used to remove Atlan Stones from a weapon, you will need the assistance of an Alchemist again:
    • Decanter of Essence Icon.png + Ground Chorizite Icon.png = Nullification Oil Icon.png
    • Nullification Oil Icon.png + Diamond Heart Icon.png = Treated Diamond Heart Icon.png
    • Intricate Carving Tool Icon.png + Treated Diamond Heart Icon.png = Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool Icon.png


Some maps may show more than one dungeon per page

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Arcanum Research Facility 5.8N, 6.3E -- 545B
Fathomless Chasm 36.9S, 63.4E -- 545E
Fathomless Chasm Devex Inside Fathomless Chasm -- 545E
Fathomless Chasm Abyss Inside Fathomless Chasm -- 5460
Fathomless Chasm Clough Inside Fathomless Chasm -- 545F
Fathomless Chasm Descent Inside Fathomless Chasm -- 5460
Fathomless Chasm Plummet Inside Fathomless Chasm -- 545F


Quest Texts

Text Icon Book.png Isparian Arms (Text)Text Icon Book.png Treatise on Essence

Quest Items

Enchanted Decanter Icon.png Enchanted DecanterDecanter of Essence Icon.png Decanter of EssenceThin Diamond Oil Icon.png Thin Diamond OilThick Diamond Oil Icon.png Thick Diamond OilPerfect Diamond Infused Pyreal Ingot Icon.png Perfect Diamond Infused Pyreal IngotNullification Oil Icon.png Nullification OilTreated Diamond Heart Icon.png Treated Diamond HeartDiamond Powder Icon.png Diamond PowderGround Chorizite Icon.png Ground ChoriziteIntricate Carving Tool Icon.png Intricate Carving ToolFinesse Weapons Glyph Icon.png Finesse Weapons GlyphHeavy Weapons Glyph Icon.png Heavy Weapons GlyphLight Weapons Glyph Icon.png Light Weapons GlyphMagic Glyph Icon.png Magic GlyphMissile Weapons Glyph Icon.png Missile Weapons GlyphTwo Handed Weapons Glyph Icon.png Two Handed Weapons Glyph


Isparian Weapons Icon.png Isparian Weapons


Click image for full size version.

Lore & Dialog

Alaine the Apprentice tells you, "Hello! If you are willing, we have a task for you."

Alaine the Apprentice tells you, "The Arcanum lost some important research when Martine raided our Research Facility near Al-Jalima. Martine seems to be gone now, but his minions remain, preventing us from retrieving the decanters we need."

Alaine the Apprentice tells you, "If you can go there and find the decanters, then you can journey to the Fathomless Chasm, a wellspring of pure mana, and use the decanters to collect the essence there. This essence is required to forge the new pyreal weapons, which we are calling Isparian."

Alaine the Apprentice tells you, "Here -- I have literature that explains all this."

Alaine the Apprentice gives you Isparian Arms.

Alaine the Apprentice gives you Treatise on Essence.

Alaine the Apprentice tells you, "The locations of the Research Facility and the Fathomless Chasm are written on the flyleaves."


Update History

Heart of Woe

  • Weapons are no longer attuned (even if stoned)
  • No longer cast debuffs
  • Some lowered skill requirements, increased damage and new spells
  • New NPC - Alaine the Apprentice
  • Emissary of Asheron step no longer necessary
  • New skill check on Ingots
  • Decanter + Diamond Powder = Thick Oil, skill check 300
  • New Ingot Descriptions
  • Fathomless Chasm Devex: was 20-29, now 20-39
  • Fathomless Chasm Clough: was 30-39, now 40-49
  • Fathomless Chasm Plummet: was 40-49, now 50-59
  • Fathomless Chasm Descent: was 50-70, now 60-79
  • Fathomless Chasm Abyss: was 70+, now 80+

Gears of Change

  • Two Handed Spear available.

The Risen Princess

  • Several changes made to how Isparian Weapons are made, and the availability of which weapons you can create.