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Introduced:  Release Updated:  Master of Arms
Club Icon.png
  • Value: 260
  • Burden: 675
  • Skill: Light Weapons (Mace)
  • Damage: 5 - 10 , Bludgeoning
  • Speed: Average (40)


  • Store-bought version of this common Loot Item.
  • During the Master of Arms patch, Loot & Store-bought Clubs were converted from Mace to Light Weapons. The damage was changed from 4.5 - 9 to 5 - 10

Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Arsitha Trell the Grocer 155 Glenden Wood 29.8N, 27.4E
Aun Maanuawa the Armorer 155 Timaru 44.2N, 77.9W
Blacksmith Bulidurg 190 Merwart Village 79.9N, 59.1E
Blacksmith Karlus Loc 135 Sanamar 71.8N, 61.3W
Bortrom the Thrifty 140 Whispering Blade Chapterhouse
Cemcera the Shopkeeper 135 Lytelthorpe 0.5N, 51.2E
Dobblar 135 Kor-Gursha 67.4N, 30.5E
Extorl the Ox 135 Cragstone 25.8N, 49.2E
Farnum the Provisioner 155 Eastham 17.8N, 63.5E
Fyrdina Ellic the Weaponsmith 155 Glenden Wood 29.9N, 27.1E
Geldeb Finol the Weaponsmith 170 Crater Lake Village 64.9N, 13.5E
Girdweld the Shopkeeper 135 South Rithwic Outpost 7.6N, 58.4E
Hea Nyrinua the Armorer 155 Ahurenga 47.1N, 90.4W
Hudriffa the Shopkeeper 135 South Holtburg Outpost 39.5N, 33.4E
Hydeatha the Shopkeeper 135 East Rithwic Outpost 10.2N, 61.4E
Ichi Ji 135 Martine's Retreat
Lubrik the Resupplier 170 Linvak Tukal 77.4S, 28.2E
Lucarus Malloni the Armorer 135 Bluespire 39.1N, 75.4W
Merchant (18.1S, 56.9W) (Merchant) 155 18.1S, 56.9W - Merchant's Tent 18.1S, 56.9W
Merchant (30.7S, 72.1E) (Merchant) 155 30.7S, 72.1E - Merchant's House 30.7S, 72.1E
Merchant (41.7N, 35.2E) (Merchant) 155 41.7N, 35.2E - Merchant's Hut 41.7N, 35.2E
Merchant (75.5N 10.6E) (Merchant) 155 75.5N 10.6E - Vendor House 75.5N, 10.6E
Merchant (76.6N, 6.0W) (Merchant) 155 76.6N, 6.0W - Igloo 76.6N, 6.0W
Merchant (Baishi Fort) (Merchant) 155 48.6S, 60.0E - Baishi Fort 48.6S, 60.0E
Merchant (Eastham) (Merchant) 155 Merchant Cellar 26.3N, 63.9E
Merchant (Heartland) (Merchant) 155 8.9N, 43.4E - Merchant's House and Lifestone 8.9N, 43.4E
Merchant (Mountain Retreat) (Merchant) 155 Mountain Retreat 59.7N, 4.1W
Merchant (Nanto) (Merchant) 155 57.4S, 80.3E - Roadside Vendors 57.4S, 80.3E
Merchant (Night Club) (Merchant) 155 Night Club
Merchant (Samsur) (Merchant) 155 Samsur 4.5S, 23.6E
Merchant (Simda'r) (Merchant) 155 80.7S, 19.7E - Tent 80.7S, 19.7E
Merchant (Small Cave) (Merchant) 155 Samsur 4.1S, 17.3E
Merchant (South Direlands Midland) (Merchant) 155 88.1S, 60.9W - Merchant Tent 88.1S, 60.9W
Merchant (South Direlands) (Merchant) 155 82.4S, 34.3W - Merchant and Lifestone 82.4S, 34.3W
Merchant (Wilderness Fort) (Merchant) 155 Wilderness Fort 23.5N, 7.7W
Merchant Ledine 145 Cragstone 25.7N, 48.5E
Pawn Shopkeep 170 Casino
Peddler (40.8N, 36.5E) (Peddler) 155 40.8N, 36.5E - Riverside Farm 40.8N, 36.5E
Peddler (44.6N 28.5W) (Peddler) 155 44.6N, 28.5W - Peddler's Hut 44.6N, 28.5W
Peddler (53.7N, 24.2E) (Peddler) 155 53.7N, 24.2E - Peddler's Hut 53.7N, 24.2E
Peddler (7.2N, 57.1E) (Peddler) 155 7.2N, 57.1E - Peddler's Farm 7.2N, 57.1E
Peddler (Baishi Ridge) (Peddler) 155 Beach Fort 76.0N, 49.0W
Peddler (Beach Fort) (Peddler) 155 Beach Fort 76.0N, 49.0W
Peddler (Beachside) (Peddler) 155 68.8N, 51.6W - Beachside Farmstead 68.8N, 51.6W
Peddler (Empyrean Stone Tower) (Peddler) 155 54.3N, 17.4W - Empyrean Stone Tower 54.3N, 17.4W
Peddler (Glenden Wood) (Peddler) 155 31.2N, 19.8E - Peddler's Hut 31.2N, 19.8E
Peddler (Rithwic) (Peddler) 155 Rithwic 9.9N, 58.5E
Provisioner Murdo 170 Bandit Castle 66.3N, 49.8E
Provisioner Warster the Handy 170 MacNiall's Freehold 74.0S, 92.2E
Rindelle the Shopkeeper 170 Dryreach 8.2S, 73.0E
Rundiscar the Weaponsmith 135 Eastham 17.4N, 63.5E
Ry'zir al-Nabit 180 Candeth Keep 87.3S, 67.3W
Shopkeep Gunderson 135 Eldrytch Web Stronghold
Shopkeep Mirinda 155 Arwic 33.4N, 56.6E
Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim 145 Zaikhal 13.7N, 0.7E
Shopkeeper Hulmurg 190 Merwart Village 79.9N, 59.1E
Shopkeeper Lazlo 135 Radiant Blood Stronghold
Shopkeeper Polly 135 Celestial Hand Stronghold
Shopkeeper Renald the Elder 135 Holtburg 42.1N, 33.8E
Shopkeeper Tod Burgni 135 Sanamar 71.8N, 61.0W
Shopkeeper Yoshi Deshi 180 Fort Teth 1.5N, 71.6W
Surnad the Peddler 135 Lost Wish Range 41.0N, 56.4E
Tunlok Weapons Master 140 Candeth Keep 87.5S, 67.2W
Venara Basalleno 135 Rossu Morta Chapterhouse
Viamasa the Weaponsmith 170 Neydisa Castle 69.6N, 17.6E
Wantorth the Shopkeeper 135 West Holtburg Outpost 42.4N, 30.8E
Weaponsmith (38.6N, 30.4E) (Weaponsmith) 155 38.6N, 30.4E - Weaponsmith's House 38.6N, 30.4E
Weaponsmith (Beach Fort) (Weaponsmith) 155 Beach Fort 76.0N, 49.0W
Weaponsmith Bornak the Crookblade 170 MacNiall's Freehold 74.2S, 92.2E