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The Slayer special property will increase the damage dealt to a specific creature type. In general this is more useful to mages, especially when it is a quest weapon with stats inferior to tinkered loot weapons. (By using the quest weapon, a melee/archer is usually giving up the chance to use armor rend or critical strike and so gains little, whereas the mage gets essentially a double vuln). If you are looking for all items that have a particular slayer property, see here.


  • Wands may have both the Maelstrom of Souls Gem and a slayer (Mukkir or Undead). Whichever is added last is the icon that will display on the wand and the wand will be attuned to the person that added the last item (even if the item was attuned to someone else who added the first item).

Slayer Types

Creature Type Upgrade Item/Weapon
A'nekshay Icon.png A'nekshay A'nekshay Slayer Stone
Banderling Icon.png Banderling Tusked Axe of Ayan Baqur
Burun Icon.png Burun Burun Slaying Weapons
Regal Weapons
Dark Sarcophagus Icon.png Dark Sarcophagus Staff of Nullification
Elemental Icon.png Elemental Isparian Weapons
Food (Creature Class) Icon.png Food (Creature Class) Butter Knife of Slaying
Ghost Icon.png Ghost Spectral Weapons
Purified Mouryou Weapons
Golem Icon.png Golem Mark of the Maker
Human Icon.png Human
(Bael'Zharon's Hate)
Assassin's Dagger
Arena Weapons
Blighted Weapons
Weeping Weapons
Pillar of Fearlessness
Royal Ladle
Steel Butterfly
Orb of the Ironsea
Brador's Frozen Eye
Spirit Shifting Staff
Bearded Axe of Souia-Vey
Jester (Touched) Ball of Fire
Lugian Icon.png Lugian Thunderhead
Monouga Icon.png Monouga Eyeslayer (Large)
Eyeslayer (Huge)
Eyeslayer (Giant)
Mukkir Icon.png Mukkir Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone
Creature Type Upgrade Item/Weapon
Niffis Icon.png Niffis Corsair's Arc
Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi Paradox-touched Weapons
Gaerlan's Weapons
Sword of Lost Light Infusions
Guardian of Pwyll
Chitin Cracker
Shadow Icon.png Shadow Axe of Winter Flame
Mace of Winter Flame
Shadowfire Weapons
Spear of Winter Flame
Sword of Lost Light Infusions
Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton Spectral Skull
Sword of Lost Light Infusions
Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok Assault Weapons
Tusker Icon.png Tusker Tusker Paw Wand
Undead Icon.png Undead Great BloodScorch
Replica BloodScorch
Black Skull of Xikma
Eye of Muramm
Staff of Fettered Souls
Viamontian Knight Icon.png Viamontian Knight Replica Sword of Bellenesse
Virindi Icon.png Virindi Singularity Weapons
Rynthid Tentacle Weapons
Wisp Icon.png Wisp Black Thistle
Zefir Icon.png Zefir Zefir's Breath

All Items With Slayer

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